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Tuesday, 19 July 2016


In Turkey, President Erdogan proposes to reintroduce the Death Penalty in order to restore the rule of law in his country, after the failed attempt to depose him.

This provoked a reaction at the EU Foreign Ministers Conference which promptly warned Erdogan against restoring the Death Penalty if ever in future Turkey wants to become a member of the EU ! 

Was this really an acceptable Diplomatic reaction from EU Foreign Ministers ?

Although the Death Penalty has been abolished in the EU there is at present a serious Security Problem which anxious Citizens want resolved.   Extremist Islamic Terrorists have attacked in France and Belgium and in other areas of the World, for at least four or five years.  In Nice 84 innocent citizens were slaughtered last week.  

Police shot dead some of the terrorists, either in self defence or to avoid the deaths of more citizens !   If terrorists kill but survive, should they benefit from the fact that the Penalty of Death no longer exists ?  Would this not mean that they would linger in Prison at the expense of Taxpayers ?

Should Foreign Ministers not be considering whether outright war should be declared by the EU against the Islamic State ?   How long will the EU just sit back and do absolutely nothing to either deter Terrorists or to protect its citizens against such determined assassins ?