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Friday, 15 July 2016


Another Terrorist attack last night, on the 14th of July in Nice, France is again evidence that the Extremist Muslims are prepared to launch attacks in the EU, in the same way as they have done in other areas of the World !

France has already attacked splinter groups of Extremist Muslims in Africa and there is also an official "State of Emergency" in metropolitan France !   

Belgium was also attacked on March 22, 2016, (32 dead, 320 injured) and this after the discovery that Extremist Muslims had several Cells of Terrorists in the country !

The USA, Britain and France are also actively involved in the War against I S in the Middle East as members of  NATO !   What are other member countries of the EU in Nato doing in this War, besides just counting the number of fleeing Refugees ? 

The Islamic Terrorist War method is to exterminate  anyone who opposes their ultimate aim, which is to impose Islamic domination everywhere !   

When will the EU even "discuss" what could be done ?  When will the EU actively defend its citizens against this aggression ?   Could the EU at least, propose changes to unite the efforts of all countries which try to defend  their Citizens ? 

It is time to act !  Living EU citizens have had enough of the political hesitation and inaction of the last few years !