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Tuesday, 26 July 2016


The Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee has, by its recent decision to invite "Clean" Russian Competitors to the RIO Olympics next week, avoided to take into account the accusations of rampant doping in Russia,  contained in the report of Professor McLaren.

Is it not the "Duty" of the Organisers of Sporting Events like the Olympic Games, where World and National "Records" can be expected, to ensure that competitors are tested to be "clean", i.e. "drug free", not only after events but also before ?  The use of illegal stimulents to win medals is always a temptation !

Trying to avoid all responsibility by delegating it to other Sport Federations, as in the case of "Weightlifting", Cycling, Wrestling and others, can never guarantee that Cheats will not win Medals, even without World Record performances !

It seems to be that it is the cost of such testing, which everyone wants to avoid !    Organisers of events are normally sure they will be profitable.  They must therefore also envisage to cover testing costs out of the profits they expect !   Nothing in life is absolutely free !

It would be interesting to know exactly what tests are planned to be made on all Medal Winners in RIO !  This would indicate at once if new records could be valid for registration !