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Friday, 22 July 2016


Comments on the radio early today revealed that 1 500 illegal immigrants were being evacuated from the Metro Jaures area in the north of Paris this morning !

Even more surprising is the fact that it is the 26th such evacuation since June last year.   The Socialist Government seems to consider that it is the responsibility of the Paris Council to cover this problem and, of course, that Parisians should bear the costs !

To solve the temporary misery of these people on a humane basis, who come from all over the World, why not create settlements elsewhere in Paris where unoccupied land is available.  For example, between the Elysee Palace and the Place Concorde ?

President Hollande's visitors from the EU, like Angela Merkel, could then get first hand experience of this  problem and then understand the urgency of a quick solution for Parisians ! 

The EU MUST close its Frontiers effectively and the consequent costs must be borne equitably by all EU members.  It is quite clear that all these immigrants did not arrive in France only on airplanes ! 

This is clearly an EU problem, not one for the Paris Council to solve !