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Thursday, 21 July 2016


Last year, long before the recent publication of the McLaren Report, President Putin said that anyone guilty of condoning the use of illegal Drugs in Sport in Russia, would be replaced. 

President Putin then also quite rightly said that to exclude Russia completely from the Olympics and international sport, would punish many athletes who were clean because they had not illegally used drugs.  

In the circumstances this Blog agreed with his plea: at that time, the need for foolproof Drug Testing in athletics had become very evident.  Such tests at the RIO Olympics would ensure that Medals could not be won by cheats !   Will foolproof drug testing be in operation in RIO ? 

However, the severity of the findings in the report by Professor McLaren now reveals that the whole system in Russia, is and has been, rotten to the core for a long time !  Even at the time of the London Olympics in 2012 and the Sotchi Games, Russian Drug Cheats won Medals at the expense of clean competitors !

What is difficult to understand is why Sports Administrators are NOW still hesitating to expel Russia from the 2016 Olympics due to start on August 5, 2016 !

If Russia is not expelled, this would FOREVER serve as a precedent, and as a justification, for everyone and anyone, not only Russians, to have at least one second  chance, when Drug using competitors are caught  cheating in future ?

Russia must be expelled now, otherwise the scourge of the use of Drugs in Sport by Cheats will NEVER stop !