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Tuesday, 30 August 2016


Before "Brexit" negotiations can be officially launched,  two basic Rules must be observed ; 

1° - The Prime Minister, Theresa May, must first obtain the agreement of MPs, after a vote in the House of Commons, which gives her the  Authority to start Negotiations for Britain to leave the European Union. 

2° - To start Negotiations officially with the EU, an Official Request must be made to the EU in accordance with Section 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.  The Negotiations will then last two years, but longer if required.  They cannot start before the Official Request ! 

In the meantime some of Britain's rights in the EU have been atomatically suspended.  For example, it can no longer participate in any "Brexit" discussions or votes anywhere !

However, unofficial talks to test reactions have already started !   Britain is the first country which "may" want to leave the EU under Section 50 !   Other Countries are already closely watching and some legal precedents will probably be created during the "Brexit" discussions which could affect other future "Exits" ! 

Many countries are dissatisfied with the inertia in the EU. They want changes and updates in Treaties, to limit the consequent upheavals in the EU (particularly due to immigrants), provoked by Islamic State Attrocities in the Middle East War and also in Europe !  

Chancellor Merkel in Germany and President Hollande in France (the "junta" of the EU) are both facing perilous re-elections in 2017 !   The Heads of State could change, perhaps in both countries ! 

In Britain, many Captains in both Industry and  other  areas, openly question whether Britain should not hold a new Referendum at a later date before section 50 is triggered !
Opinions in EUROPE have have and are changing.  A stagnant EU cannot survive with outdated principles in this ever changing World !

Theresa May, the new British Prime Minister,  must already be aware of this and will have to act accordingly.


Sunday, 28 August 2016


Cet été, dans une trentaine de communes du littoral, des arrêtés municipaux ont interdit toute tenue de plage manifestant de manière ostentatoire une appartenance religieuse. Ce qui sans le nommer interdit le port du burkini

Toutefois, le Conseil d'Etat saisi par la Ligue des droits de l'homme et le Comité contre l'islamophobie en France, vient de décider la suspension de "l'arrêté anti- burkini" pris par la commune de Villeneuve Loubet (Alpes maritimes).  Le même sort devrait donc être réservé aux arrêtés similaires en cas de saisine du tribunal administratif.

Le Maire de Villeneuve Loubet s'étonne : son arrêté n'a fait que reprendre celui de la municipalité de Mandelieu publié en 2013 et appliqué sans que quiconque y trouve à redire...   Sa réflexion laisse songeur.

A qui profite cette récente tempête médiatique et politique ? Qui sert-elle ?

Faut-il voir dans toute cette affaire une instrumentalisation communautaire ?  Ou un formidable coup de pub orchestré par les créateurs du burkini, dont les ventes en Grande Bretagne ont progressé de 200% ?




During the weeks preceding the Olympic Games in RIO there were daily articles in the press about the Report on Drug Abuse, the IAAF banning all Russians from competing and also fears that the ZIKA virus could spread !

At the last minute the International Olympic Committee - Executive Board decided that only Russians who had not been banned in the past, would be permitted to compete in RIO !   At least this "saved" the Olympic Games from any further Financial Ruin !  

This decision also saved the faces of Russian Sports Administrators (and President Putin) who had been accused of blatant state intervention to provide drugs to Russian competitors to enhance their performances !

Since then all Reports concerning the Olympic Games have only covered the splendid results of all competitors and the magnificence of the Spectacle in RIO.  It is true, the Games seem to have been a real success.

However, there are unanswered questions !  Were the drug controls systems in RIO satisfactory ?  Did WADA and the IAAF, for example approve the Drug Control Systems used in RIO ?  Will any new National or World Records be accepted or not ?

There has been little or no information in the Press for the last three weeks, except for one or two exceptions !  The future of Sport and Sportsmen, not only Athetics and Athletes, depends on the answer !   




Thursday, 25 August 2016


Not for the first time are the Leaders in the EU hesitating about measures concerning the security of EU Countries.    
It is obvious and clear to any thinking person, that when Extreme Islamic Terrorists, in the name of "Allah", slaughter innocent civilians, something needs to be done, and quickly !

The Islamic State, with its Terrorists, is waging a WAR in the Middle East AND also against EU countries like France, Belgium, Germany and Britain.  The EU must  defend itself, not just hope that nothing will happen !

After Refugees flooded into Europe the EU decided that external EU Border controls should be tightened !

Some countries then used wire fencing on all their external and internal EU borders, to keep out unwanted refugees.  The EU was not opposed.
Some countries then introduced controls on internal EU Borders.  The EU agreed, and even Germany did the same thing recently !

The principle of the freedom of movement inside the Schengen area, is now no longer respected ! 

In spite of all the foregoing, the EU is now still wondering if an EU army formed by soldiers from all EU countries should be created !   Does the EU secretly think that, because France is fighting in the Middle East with Britain, the USA and Russia, that it is safe and that the EU does not really need to do anything more ?

The War in the Middle East started seriously two years ago !  It is in 2014 that an EU Army should have been created !   It could have been quickly used to control EU borders for example !

Why is the EU Council in Brussels so slow ?  If nothing is done, there will be other countries which could also seek a "Brexit" to get better and quicker protection for their Citizens ! 

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Tuesday, 23 August 2016


Si Sarkozy était un oiseau, ce serait le coucou gris, celui qui parasite les nids des autres espèces.   Un oiseau opportuniste qui vole le nid des autres.

A lire ses propositions musclées pour la France, on croirait en effet lire le programme du Front National.  Une nouvelle et ultime tentative pour siphonner les voix des électeurs du FN ?   Mais, parviendra-t-il à les duper ?




Sunday, 21 August 2016


Already one year has passed since Angela Merkel invited 800 000 refugees from Syria into Germany, but also invited other EU countries to make a similar gesture !

Her personal compassion for refugees was immediately admired, but other leaders of EU countries were horrified at the thought of the invasion of refugees, not only from  Syria but other war-torn countries worldwide. 

When more than a million refugees converged on Germany, Merkel tried to share the burden by imposing an allocation on other EU countries !

This compounded her initial folly and then splits in the EUROZONE became evident !  At this point the question became, did she obtain the autorisation beforehand to invite all these Refugees either into the EU or into Germany ! 

Her next step was to broker a deal with Erdogan, the ruthless President of Turkey, to stop or reduce the flood of refugees getting into the Schengen area of the EU.  Erdogan agreed to accept from the EU the Financial help proposed, but he also wanted other incentives like the ultimate possibility of Turkey joining the EU !  

This deal seems to have gone sour, particularly now that Erdogan has also sought an alliance with President Putin of Russia !  It is clear that the ultimate boundaries of the EU need to be limited and must be defined !

Merkel is also facing an uncertain future due to the upcoming General Election in Germany next year !  There is a growing opposition against her in the Coalition of her CDU Party with the Social Democrats.  Other small parties, not only in Germany but throughout the EU, are all gaining growing support on the issue of immigration.

To put it bluntly, there could be changes coming.  There are other politicians who would dearly like to become the next Chancellor of Germany !



Saturday, 20 August 2016


The German Minister of the Interior, Thomas de Maizière,
 considers that wearing the Burka is a not a question of security but a question of integration !  

He points out that many other countries, which have not yet legislated, are also of this opinion !  However, the main reason for his hesitation could be that a General Election must be held in Germany next year.   The Social Democrats in the Coalition with Merkel's CDU party, at present seem to be against any law banning the Burka !

But, one must not forget that Germany is still shocked after the two Terrorist attacks in Germany last month !  Is this really only a problem of "integration" ?  One must not forget the simple fact that citizens in ALL countries always expect to be protected from such attacks by their Governments !

The basic rule which must be respected is that "no one is permitted to hide his face in public to avoid being identified" !    If exceptions are made for mosques or for private homes, the law should make this clear !

There are several countries which need to review their legislation in this area !




Thursday, 18 August 2016


A Muslim woman was asked to leave the beach on the Croisette in Cannes because she was wearing a Burkini.  Other burkinied women have been verbalised. This is the application of a local measure adopted by the Cannes Municipality very recently. 

Prime Minister Valls has supported such local  measures by several seaside resorts in France, if they are trying to prevent public disturbances.  

In the present context of Terrorist attacks, it  seems clear that Valls wants to provoke more respect by Muslims of the rules of Laïcity in France !  Alas, all it has provoked is a multitude of reactions which reveal the flaws in his approach !

What is wrong if a Muslim woman, or any other woman, wants to go for a swim fully dressed ?  The Burkini is not the same as a Burka (1) which hides the face completely, except for two little slits which permit the wearer to see.  

How many fully dressed Grandmothers have walked along a beach in shallow water ..... without any comments from anyone ?  How many men swim with teeshirts and long legged pants ?  The freedom of how to dress on the beach must be respected !

However, when one sees the overweight, even disgraceful, men and women on beaches, spread out on towels and soaking up the sun, one has the impression that they would benefit by wearing a burkini !

(1) French law clearly forbids the wearing of Burkas, but  unfortunately this law is frequently not respected !                



Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Why are there now not only delays but also hesitations ? The Brexit result after the Vote was in fact a surprise ! 

What was not anticipated were the complex reasons for such a vote and also the numerous detailed negotiations needed to sever relations and obligations with the EU !  These could well take much longer than the 2 years prescribed by EU Treaties at present.

Britain now has a new Prime Minister, Mrs Theresa May, who supported the Brexit initiative before the Vote.   She will be responsible for the Negotiations, but the atmosphere now seems to be less euphorique for leaving the EU than just after the Vote. 

There is one pre-condition in EU Treaties :  Britain must notify Brussels that it wants to start negotiations to leave the EU.   However to do this the Prime Minister must get the Authority after a vote by MPs in the House of Commons !   That could be a real obstacle !

Why ?  Because circumstances in Britain and the EU are changing !  One key issue is a good example !  The uncontrolled arrival of immigrants in the EU from the war torn Middle East (and other "hot spots" of the World) is due to badly controlled EU frontiers !   Even Germany now wants reinforced controls not only at External EU frontiers but also at internal EU boundaries.  

This means the Schengen Treaty but others also must be reviewed and changed !   Was "immigration" not the key issue which resulted in the Brexit Vote !

When Parliaments reassemble after the Summer recess, "Brexit or not" will be a key issue everywhere in the EU ! 




It was the promise of President Obama in 2009 that the Guantanamo Bay Prison would be closed, but although many inmates have been "relocated" in other countries and some have been released, there are still prisoners detained in that prison !

It would be irresponsible to release dangerous criminals back into society : some would again want to purge their hatred and recommit crimes.   Some of these detainees are quite sane, others simple minded or mad, but often they have been manipulated and backed by Terrorist Organisations and could start again if released !  

During the last seven years the World has changed and  the rise of Extremist Islamic terrorism in many areas of the World, is still inreasing !   Yet, it is the big weakness of the EU at this moment, that no country has a totally secure Prison with enough room to house dangerous terrorists in isolation !

Prisons in the EU are overcrowded and fertile breeding grounds for Terrorist Organisations to indoctrinate future Jihadists who are ready to die for Islam ! 

Will the next President of the USA not be expected to protect the Human Rights of normal citizens to "live" ?  Could anyone today justify the closing of the Guantanamo Prison ?


Thursday, 11 August 2016


At last, after the recent unexpected Terrorist Attacks in Germany (Würzburg and Ansbach), the Minister of the Interior of the CDU-SPD coalition Government, Thomas de Maiziere, is urgently proposing special measures to protect German civilians.  

Citizens have voiced concerns about their safety but the added fear that a General Election must be held in Germany in 2017, has provoked justified controversy over what should be done !

Mr de Maiziere has proposed,

   -  Banning the wearing of Burkas in public,
   -  Stripping dual-nationals of their Passports if they fight for Islam,
   -  Deportation of suspects,
   -  Lifting the Medical Secrecy by Doctors if they have suspicious patients.

One obvious comment is that none of these measures alone will stop any Attacks by determined Terrorists.  However, some measures which have not yet been ventilated could entail changes to the German Constitution, but could also infringe EU Treaties !

Likewise, some propositions for new Anti-Terrorist laws may also interest other EU countries like France and Belgium !

Germany has for a long time opposed changes to EU Treaties but now in time of need, may be ready !   Are the recently increased EU Border Controls, proposed even for Inside the EU, properly authorized in EU Treaties ?

At best, the anti-Terrorist laws now desperately wanted in Germany, can now be seriously debated at EU level !  




Wednesday, 10 August 2016


The soft punishment of Terrorists by EU countries, does nothing to deter more attacks !

EU countries have abolished the Death Penalty and this is also enshrined in EU Treaties.  Many Middle East countries have not abolished the Death Penalty and  media reports regularly highlight multiple executions in those countries. 

Terrorists planning attacks in the EU, Islamists or not, all know their rights !   If they die while attacking and slaughtering innocent civilians they will be rewarded by Allah and will become Martyres !  If they escape death, they will be regarded as Heroes by their friends, even if they are caught and imprisoned !

When they are sentenced to a long term in Prison, it is the Taxpayers they did not kill who have to pay the costs of their "Human Right to live" !   But, they will not be alone or in solitary confinement !   Prisons in Europe are often too full, vastly overcrowded in fact.   This then  permits them to convert other inmates to their beliefs !

Should EU Leaders not solve this special problem for all EU countries ?   Should the EU not construct, in an isolated area, a purpose built Prison to house all convicted Terrorists ? 

At present, there is growing evidence that Electors in many countries do not feel secure !   Is this not why there are now small Nationalist parties in several EU countries ?   Some of these parties even have elected MEPs in the Brussels Parliament ?

This trend will continue in the next National and EU elections, particularly if nothing is done to provide better Security !                                                   





Monday, 8 August 2016


Sir Philip Craven, the President of the IPC (International Paralympic Committee) has announced that Russia has been banned from sending athletes to the Paralympic Games which start in RIO on September 7, 2016.

The motivation for this decision is the Report by Professor McLaren which revealed that the RUSSIAN STATE sponsored and encouraged the use of Drugs in Sport.   President Putin and the Sports Ministry were clearly aware of this.

Any right thinking person can only applaud this decision because the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) under the leadership of Seb Coe wanted this Report to be the cornerstone of the NEW ERA of clean Drug Free athletes and Drug Free Records !

Alas, many people were surprised and dismayed by the IOC - EB (International Olympic Committee - Executive Board) when it decided to invite "clean" Russian Athletes to RIO !  They followed the plea from President Putin who said it was wrong to ban "clean athletes" !  In this way Totalitarian Leaders save their reputation and the Olympics avoid the Financial repercussion !

What is quite clear is that any new National or World records established during the current Olympic Games can only be accepted and justified as being "NEW and CLEAN" records, if competitors are properly drug tested before and after their event !

If the IOC has not installed a rigorous foolproof Drug Testing System in RIO, any "records" can only become "Olympic Records in RIO" !

To be quite clear, it is not only Russians and Athletes which need to be tested !   ALL  Competitors must be tested !   Cheats and liars must be stopped ! 

The breaking news this morning is that the Kenyan Track and Field manager has been sent home !   He had systems to circumvent drug controls ! 




Friday, 5 August 2016


Since the creation of the EURO and then the creation of the European Central Bank (ECB), previous long revered,  basic banking principles seem to have been completely abandoned ! 

Originally Banks used to earn interest by lending money and also paid interest to their customers for loans received, or for surplus money in their current accounts.

People with Wealth but no Pension could in this way Retire and live on the interest from Banks.  This was often the case for Widows and for example, retired small tradesmen or shopkeepers.  Low interest rates have now killed this option ! 

Banks always charged for the services like cheques clearances of active accounts.

Since the introduction of the EURO everything has changed !   The ECB now determines the Interest Rate for Inter-Bank clearances, which is very low !  (This also determines the official interest rate).  The ECB also creates and provides all the liquidity which EU Banks  need to encourage an increase of business volume !

But suddenly, there are signs that Banks are no longer as profitable as they were before the EURO, which was introduced in 2001 !   Why ?  This is in spite of their rising Bank charges to customers for "managing" their bank accounts !  

There are also frequent reports that salaries and bonus payments to Directors in recent years have spiralled !  Are they really merited ?   Are their duties so much harder than before ?   If so, one must question whether, after the increase of computer technology, Banks have properly streamlined their operations and cut the number of employees to remain competitive ?    

One hears now that Banks are worried because  customers seem to be withdrawing spare credit from their accounts !  Is that not because they receive little or no interest from banks anyway ?

Banks fear that customers prefer to harbour liquid money (under their matresses) in case banks might block withdrawals !  Is that legally possible ?

So, is there really a hidden Banking Crisis which could be announced shortly, when all banks are closed for business ? 



Wednesday, 3 August 2016


Everyone in France wonders whether François Hollande will be a candidate for a Second Term as President ! 

In fact, people in France are doubtful if Hollande still has any real chance of winning if he does decide to stand !   Basically, the underlying, acid question really is, "Do French Electors still "trust" Hollande" ?

What could happen to reverse the damning evidence of Opinion Polls ?  They reveal that since 1958, when De Gaulle created the 5th Republic, Hollande has the lowest rating of any of the 7 Presidents elected since then !

Before he was elected in May 2012 he vowed to reduce "Unemployment" !   Every year he repeated : "next year the curves on the chart will invert".   He also vowed to streamline costs !   The reality is that he has achieved neither of these promises !  

Furthermore, due to repeated Islamist Terrorist Attacks, there is a feeling of insecurity in France.   Electors now no longer have the confidence that François Hollande is  capable of finding the solution to reduce the threat of Terrorism.

The next President of France, whether he comes from the political Right or Left, must bring convincing solutions for the overriding problems of Unemployment and Security in France ! 




Tuesday, 2 August 2016


At last, Muslim Leaders in France have realised what French Politicians and Citizens expect of them, after the barbaric terrorist attacks by Islamic Jihadists during recent months !

Two events suddenly changed everything these last few days -
   -  the slaughter of more than 80 citizens in Nice,
   -  the murder of an 86 year old priest in his Church in Normandy.

In France there are 2 300 Mosques, some very big, others more modest, where about 6 million Muslims can meet to worship.  The Muslims in France originally came mainly from North Africa and in particular from Algeria after its Independence in July 1962.   Many are 2nd and 3rd generation descendants, born in France.

This year the Police have visited about 200 Mosques which were suspected of aiding attacks by Islamic Jihadists.  In some cases weapons  were found !

The Imam Leaders have now, suddenly reacted, after the murder of the Priest and the Massacre of more than 80 innocent civilians in Nice on Bastille Day last week when a lorry mounted the "Promenade des Anglais" pavement on the seafront, and ploughed into the crowd.

The result last Sunday was that all over France, Muslims attended Mass in Catholic Churches with their Imams !  The Imam Leaders also clearly said that the Muslim Religion does not tolerate or accept such barbaric Acts !

There is much relief in France now !   Such a message from the Imam Leaders has been long awaited !   It will  lead to more discussions, which will take time, but hopefully result in active co-operation and reduced bloodshed in the future. 

Afterwards there should also be a better understanding of Laïcity in France and hopefully also, a better understanding of the duties of French Citizens towards each other !




Monday, 1 August 2016


La liste des candidats aux primaires de la droite s'allonge.

 Les plus folles rumeurs circulent !





The 2016 Olympic Games start in RIO on August the 5th and this could produce even more surprises concerning the illegal use of Drugs by Competitors to improve their performances.

The "moment of truth" now arrives for competing "Cheats", but also for "Organisers" !  

If Organisers of the RIO Olympics have neglected their duties and not  introduced "foolproof and watertight" drug-testing obligations for competitors, BEFORE and AFTER events, how else could anyone be sure that Medal Winners are clean ?   How else could any new World or National records be accepted and registered officially ?

The IOC Executive Board have decided to accept "clean" Russian competitors in RIO.  This was in spite of the WADA report by Professor McLaren, which severely criticised the non-intervention of the Russian State, and indirectly, of President Putin, to prevent the illicite use of Drugs by its athletes.   Only athletes who have served a period of suspension have been barred from RIO ! 

Have WADA and the IAAF examined the organisation for the drug control tests in RIO to be used during the Olympic Games ?  Did they approve it ?  If not, it could again take years to verify that the Drug Test samples were "clean"  and that the Medals were correctly awarded and only to "clean" athlètes, whether they are Russians or from other countries !