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Wednesday, 10 August 2016


The soft punishment of Terrorists by EU countries, does nothing to deter more attacks !

EU countries have abolished the Death Penalty and this is also enshrined in EU Treaties.  Many Middle East countries have not abolished the Death Penalty and  media reports regularly highlight multiple executions in those countries. 

Terrorists planning attacks in the EU, Islamists or not, all know their rights !   If they die while attacking and slaughtering innocent civilians they will be rewarded by Allah and will become Martyres !  If they escape death, they will be regarded as Heroes by their friends, even if they are caught and imprisoned !

When they are sentenced to a long term in Prison, it is the Taxpayers they did not kill who have to pay the costs of their "Human Right to live" !   But, they will not be alone or in solitary confinement !   Prisons in Europe are often too full, vastly overcrowded in fact.   This then  permits them to convert other inmates to their beliefs !

Should EU Leaders not solve this special problem for all EU countries ?   Should the EU not construct, in an isolated area, a purpose built Prison to house all convicted Terrorists ? 

At present, there is growing evidence that Electors in many countries do not feel secure !   Is this not why there are now small Nationalist parties in several EU countries ?   Some of these parties even have elected MEPs in the Brussels Parliament ?

This trend will continue in the next National and EU elections, particularly if nothing is done to provide better Security !