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Tuesday, 2 August 2016


At last, Muslim Leaders in France have realised what French Politicians and Citizens expect of them, after the barbaric terrorist attacks by Islamic Jihadists during recent months !

Two events suddenly changed everything these last few days -
   -  the slaughter of more than 80 citizens in Nice,
   -  the murder of an 86 year old priest in his Church in Normandy.

In France there are 2 300 Mosques, some very big, others more modest, where about 6 million Muslims can meet to worship.  The Muslims in France originally came mainly from North Africa and in particular from Algeria after its Independence in July 1962.   Many are 2nd and 3rd generation descendants, born in France.

This year the Police have visited about 200 Mosques which were suspected of aiding attacks by Islamic Jihadists.  In some cases weapons  were found !

The Imam Leaders have now, suddenly reacted, after the murder of the Priest and the Massacre of more than 80 innocent civilians in Nice on Bastille Day last week when a lorry mounted the "Promenade des Anglais" pavement on the seafront, and ploughed into the crowd.

The result last Sunday was that all over France, Muslims attended Mass in Catholic Churches with their Imams !  The Imam Leaders also clearly said that the Muslim Religion does not tolerate or accept such barbaric Acts !

There is much relief in France now !   Such a message from the Imam Leaders has been long awaited !   It will  lead to more discussions, which will take time, but hopefully result in active co-operation and reduced bloodshed in the future. 

Afterwards there should also be a better understanding of Laïcity in France and hopefully also, a better understanding of the duties of French Citizens towards each other !