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Thursday, 1 September 2016


When Macron resigned as the Minister of the Economy yesterday, the immediate question became :

"Why have so many Ministers left the Governments of President Hollande ?"  So far Montebourg, Hamon, Duflot, Philippetti and now Macron have gone. 

This leads straight to the ultimate question, 

"Can Hollande still seriously envisage standing for a second term of 5 years as President ?".

There are already three firm Presidential Candidates from the Left : Montebourg, Hamon and Melenchon, as well as Cecile Dufflot of the "Greens".

Macron could also decide to stand, and has situated himself and his Movement "En Marche" neither on the left nor on the right !

If François Hollande does want to stand again as a Candidate, he will find himself encircled both on his left and his right ! 
Opinion Polls for Hollande are not very favourable at present.  He is credited with only 15% of favourable opinions !