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Thursday, 8 September 2016


In an hour long televised speech, President Hollande justified everything he had done in his first four years as President of France. 

Without mentioning his name, François Hollande did criticise former President Sarkozy and his programme on several occasions !

However, Hollande was very careful not to reveal his secret intention, which is to stand next year in May for a further term of five years as President !  

This is a secret for no one in France and neither is the fact that his popularity today of 12%, is the lowest of any prior President of the Fifth Republic !

As usual, he avoided any comments on weak spots during his Presidency : high unemployment, higher national debt and uncontrolled immigration !

He was proud to have upheld the respect of basic French principles now practiced World-wide, particularly Laïcity and the Muslim faith in France ! 

He said the Law was applied in France, but omitted to mention the fact that "soft justice" was required, because prisons are vastly overcrowded !  The Legal profession in France is worried by this, plus the fact that Muslim extremists influence other prisoners, with whom they are in contact during their detention !