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Thursday, 20 October 2016


The preoccupations of all French citizens are now starting to be dominated by the Presidential and General Elections due in April and May 2017.  The Unrest and the feeling of insecurity which at present prevail in France are caused by :

-   Fear of Terrorist Attacks by extremist  Muslims.
-   Inefficiency of the System of Justice.
-   Continual rise of the number of Unemployed.
-   Lack of Government Investments.
-   Rising Living-costs.
-   Rising Taxation.
-   Immigrants and Refugees.
-   Stagnation of EU policies over the Middle-East War. 

The discontent which the Police have expressed recently  all over France also reflects perfectly the feelings of all French citizens.      

The very fact that the Presidency of Francois Hollande is generally considered to be a total disaster does not help, particularly because he still harbours hopes of being able to stand for a second 5 year term as President.  This will certainly remain a dream !

The inefficiency of "justice" in France can be directly ascribed to the lack of Prisons with enough "Cells".  This has meant Judges have been obliged to dispense "soft justice" like reduced sentencing. 

Such a Policy has never deterrred criminals,  gangsters, drug sellers and petty offenders who become multi-recidivists.  This is notably the case in the suburbs of cities and large towns : the police force is undermanned and cannot cope !

Likewise, the EU problems related to Immigrants and Refugees could perhaps have been reduced if Hollande's influence on Merkel had been more pronounced !  The part of France in the German-French Junta has not been very evident !  That could also change after the Elections next year in both France and Germany.