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Saturday, 1 October 2016


For the first time, since he unexpectedly became the President of France in May 2012, François Hollande   visited Calais last Monday.  It seems as though he has discovered a problem there which needs his urgent  attention !

Many politicians have visited Calais during the last 10  years but, simply said, no one has really proposed any  effective solution, which has even slightly reduced the number of migrants, who desperately want to immigrate into EU and the UK in particular .

To close the jungle in Calais, estimated at 10 000 migrants, before the end of 2016, President Hollande proposes to transfer them to 164 reception centres which will be created  throughout France. 
There is one key solution which he has NOT dared to propose.  All the external Frontiers of the EU should refuse the entry of Migrants who do not qualify for the right to asylum.   This means the end of the freedom of movement of people entering the EU. The EU should be responsible for organising an efficient system throughout the EU.   Refugees should only be issued with temporary documentation on entry. 

There are now several countries in the EU which seek a  solution to curtail the ever increasing  number of desperate Refugees at the frontiers of the EU.  

Hollande has never dared to insist on such a solution  when with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in spite of their very close collaboration during all his time as President of France .