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Tuesday, 11 October 2016


Traditionally, after their election, many Leaders declare they will care for all their citizens, not just the main  section of the Electorate which voted for them !  This really means they need an open mind to deal with  unexpected developments or problems. 

Does Theresa May have an open mind ?   Earlier Reports said she intends to bypass a vote by all MPs in the House of Commons to give her the official authorisation to negotiate a Brexit deal ! 

For a Prime Minister who was "nominated" but not elected, this is guaranteed to provoke  reactions from MPs, who will demand a Vote in the Commons, before negotiations can be started.

Are there not  two further steps ?
 -  Preparation of the agreed cost of leaving the EU, at the time of the Referendum, by an all party Committee.
  -  Preparation of the effect of changes in EU Treaties or in its Operating Methods, since the Referendum. 

Such information should be available before autorisation for Brexit negotiations can be requested, granted and voted. 

"Brexit" has made many other countries think twice.  They too want changes in the EU.   It is clear that the Refugee Problems must be addressed.  The fact that  mid 2017 there are General Elections in the EU, in France and Germany in particular, may change the EU.  Current Leaders Hollande and Merkel, risk being  replaced as Leaders !  

Theresa May has a clear duty to weigh the effect of any and all changes and must also respect ALL UK Electors and MPs !