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Friday, 7 October 2016


When refugees first enter the EU or Schengen Area, should they not be given only a short, fixed term right to stay ?

Theoretically, they are fleeing their homelands to save their lives and need temporary help and a shelter. 

Once installed with a job in a new country, they urge their families to join them, which is natural !  But, this is when and why some, if not all, EU countries hesitate.  Some smaller countries are obliged to refuse the additional Social Costs of any unemployable family members, even for a temporary right to stay !

The efforts of Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor and Leader of the EUROZONE block, to allocate a share of the number of Refugees, has now split the unity of the EU !   Initially, out of compassion, she invited 800 000 Refugees "to work in Germany" but, that was also to solve the dearth of workers available there for its industries !  

Alas, well over a million Refugees arrived, not only from Syria but also from other War-torn areas around the World, and not just "refugees", but  immigrants looking only for economic security and a better life !

Now, there are also other countries which are considering "Brexit" type exits from the EU !   Tougher  Frontier Controls and tougher Residency Rules must therefore be introduced !