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Monday, 14 November 2016


The Procedure which applies if any change to the Lisbon Treaty 2007 is envisaged, are contained in Section 48 of that Treaty.   It is very cumbersome and does nothing to   encourage any attempt to introduce even temporary legislation !

The basic principles for the EU were conceived and adopted in a period of peace after the second World War by 6 countries.  Now the EU comprises 29 countries (or perhaps 28 after Brexit !) and all changes require the unanimous vote of all countries.

Examples of little changes abound 50 years later.  The protection of EU Frontiers against unwanted immigrants or Refugees fleeing War Zones, particularly from the Middle East, has lead to the "illegal" construction of Barriers on EU Frontiers.  

Should only Frontier countries bear the cost ?   Why not all EU countries proportionately ?   Likewise a coherent effort to keep potential Terrorists out, should that not also be supervised and co-ordinated by EU personnel in Brussels ?

Smaller countries want help in this area, but....