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Tuesday, 15 November 2016


The recent invasion of EU Frontiers, by migrants fleeing "Warring hot spots" like in Afghanistan, Africa and the Middle East have shown that basic principles in EU treaties are infringed ;   exceptional circumstances require exceptional solutions !   

Small countries in particular cannot support the cost of helping migrants or refugees for short or medium term stays, particularly if family members later join them. 

The article published yesterday in this Blog (1) exposed the difficulties involved when changes to EU Treaties are necessary.   The procedure  prescribed by Article 48 of the Lisbon Treaty is not designed for "urgent action in our  action-packed Real World" !

Should there not be an "urgent appeal panel" which could approve immediate and exceptional action by one or even several countries ?    In some cases the Appeal Panel could activate the start of procedures in Article 48.

The UK has voted for "Brexit" to solve its problems ; now, already, other "frontier" countries in the EU are considering "Exits" !

(1) Changes to Lisbon Treaty impossible !