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Sunday, 20 November 2016


Middle East countries are fighting not just one war but several at the same time.  For many years revenge has been in the air among neighbouring countries, for old attrocities which have never been forgotten ! 

Now the ongoing callous slaughter of citizens and the utter destruction of towns and villages by the Islamic State (I S), in the name of "Allah",  increases daily and this must be stopped.   

Putin with his Russian army is helping Bachar al Assad in his fight against the I S, but also to re-establish Assad as the President of Syria.   The United Nations however, suspected Assad of Genocide in Syria, but Russia and China used their Vetoes to prevent any possible prosecution !  

Now, for this reason, some World Leaders have become hesitent to join the War against I S.  Can this really be accepted as a valid excuse ?  The two issues are not at all related, but not stopping the I S bloodshed will only permit countless more deaths and destruction !

Should the War against I S not be a priority world-wide ?  Should the solution of all other outstanding issues in the Middle East and elsewhere be put into abeyance ?  This would necessarily also include the current issues in Ukraine and the related sanctions against Russia !