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Friday, 18 November 2016


On the European leg of his Farewell tour before retiring as President of the USA, Barrack Obama praised Merkel in Berlin for what she had achieved.  

This is clearly merited for what she has achieved for Germany, particularly by gentle way Eastern Germany was absorbed into the West, after the Berlin Wall had been breached.  Likewise she also helped German Businesses to expand.       

However, Merkel's reputation and achievements in the EU were totally shattered last year by her open invitation to 800 000 refugees to go to Germany to work, without any EU autorisation !  This was certainly out of compassion for the misery of the Refugees fleeing from War-torn Syria, but the result was that EU countries were flooded by the 1.3 million Refugees who arrived !

The Refugee Problem has created panic in many EU countries and is even threatening the future unity of the EU if fundamental changes are not agreed to EU Treaties !

Merkel will announce on Sunday, November 20, 2016 if she intends to stand in the next German elections !