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Friday, 4 November 2016


It is the duty of the Prime Minister, or any other Political Leader, to respect the Laws and Customs of his country, particularly those of its Parliament. 

No one can choose to ignore Parliamentary procedures in Britain : it is the right and duty of Elected MPs in the House of Commons to decide what a Prime Minister can do or undertake. 

This is essentially the practical effect of the High Court Ruling ruling yesterday with respect to the "Brexit or not" Referendum result !

There is a second effect, which this Blog has already underlined before !  The "Brexit" decision of the Referendum Vote was to leave the EU ; this seemed right for several major reasons on the day of the Vote ! 

However now, since that Brexit Vote in the UK, some of the other 27 EU Countries and its Leaders also want  changes for similar reasons !   Just the word "Refugees" is a perfect example !

Theresa May MUST heed what is changing in the EU !  As Prime Minister she cannot just insist that her duty is to respect only the BREXIT result !   Should Britain really leave now and then regret it ?  The cost to get back into the EU would then be much higher and the conditions different and much tougher !

In any case, it will always be the free non-party vote in the Commons which will decide "BREXIT or not" ... and also perhaps, whether Theresa May has their confidence  and a future as Prime Minister !