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Wednesday, 21 December 2016


For the first time next year, electors will have to prove their right to vote when they are asked.  Is this not also a chance to consider whether Identity Cards should be  introduced in Britain?

In 2010 the former Prime Minister David Cameron rebuffed the idea of the introduction of Identity Cards ! 

Not everyone has a passport or other official documents, so  fraud is always a possibility.  Since 2010 the Middle East war has created huge tides of Refugees,  including some Terrorists, who want to settle in Europe. 

Can Britain really still justify not having Identity Cards ? The Identity Card System requires the creation of a Data Bank, which could then be linked to other such Banks in other countries.  Could this not become a key weapon in the fight against Terrorism ? 

Britain may want to leave the EU but geographically it is a part of Europe forever !   To be able to decide with assurance whether a visitor is a Briton or an acceptable Tourist, or perhaps a known Terrorist, a Data Bank linked to others would be a great help !

Brexit or not, Theresa May the new Prime Minister, should consider the rapid introduction of Identity Cards !