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Thursday, 22 December 2016


It seems that Theresa May in her single-minded way wants to push through "Brexit" whatever anyone else may think or want !

It is true electors did vote on June 23 with a small majority for "Brexit" and this was not the expected result before the Vote.  But since then the EU has changed and is still changing, due to the Middle East War and the Refugees flooding into Europe.  

One cannot ignore what is happening.  Already it is certain that the Leaders of France and Italy will be replaced.  Will Merkel remain as Chancellor of Germany ?   Only if she can form a majority Coalition Government after the General Election next summer !   That is not at all sure : there are others in Germany who would like to become the Chancellor !

If Teresa May remains determined to avoid submitting her Brexit intentions to a vote of approval in Parliament, there could be a clash !   This would be a "Vote of no Confidence" by all MPs.   This could then even provoke a General Election early next year.

Alternatively a second Referendum on Brexit could also be a solution !