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Tuesday, 27 December 2016


All the signs are there, that the E U cannot "not change" !    

At present the underlying basic question is "WHEN will the EU change ?", because it cannot survive as it is now, without important Treaty changes .

The 1st important impediment is due to the General Elections which will take place particularly in Holland, France and Germany during the next seven months.

This means that Politicians in those countries will not want to disclose precisely what "could" change in the EU Treaties !  

This is true in particular for Merkel of Germany.  She has had a catastrophic year since inviting 800 000 Refugees to seek work in Germany ! She risks not being chosen as the Chancellor by her Coalition after the next General Elections !

The 2nd basic impediment is "what can be done to  halt the invasion of the EU", by Migrants (Refugees or not) from all over the World, not just the Middle East ?

The 3rd basic impediment is "will EXTERNAL EU Frontiers be "closed" ?   But also, will INTERNAL EU frontiers, between any two EU countries, be authorised ?  

The 2nd and 3rd impediments require changes to EU Treaties because the Freedom of Movement principle is at present already being violated, particularly by smaller EU countries !

Likewise, the fact that several elections in EU countries have produced "anti-EU" minority parties, cannot be ignored !

Again, if the United Kingdom leaves the EU in 2017 after its BREXIT vote, more pressure for quick changes  in the EU will be demanded by other EU countries ! 

Without the expected, realistic changes to EU Treaties, before the next EU Parliament Elections in 2019, other "EXITS" from the EU could take place !

What can now be expected in the near future, is pure speculation !