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Thursday, 8 December 2016


The finest of arguments are being exploited in the Supreme Court, to permit Theresa May the Prime Minister of the UK,  

  -  to override the House of Commons,
  -  to assume the supreme rights and powers, 
  -  to trigger Section 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, 
  -  to start negotiations unfettered,
  -  for the UK to leave the EU,
  -  without a vote in the House of Commons !

On the assumption that Theresa May gets her way and gets the benediction of the Supreme Court, could this also mean that the House of Commons could never pass a Vote of no Confidence in her as Leader of the Government ?

The "Brexit" issue could only ever be a non party Vote.  There are MPs from all parties who are for and against Brexit.  Furthermore, with daily news of changes in the EU,  the personal opinions of  MPs are also constantly changing ! 

The Referendum vote by Electors on June 23, 2016 is already out of date due to subsequent events in the EU !