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Wednesday, 28 December 2016


In 2014 a German TV video incriminated Russian officials who were giving illegal drugs to athletes to enhance their performances.  Yulia Stepanova and her husband then turned informers and this led to many Russian athletes being banned.  Likewise Russia has been stopped from organising international sporting events.

Now more athletes and trainers have admitted to the use of drugs in Russian Sport.  BUT, inspite of this, Russia   and Vladimir Putin in particular, have always denied that the doping was State sponsored !

Can this really be true ?   Putin, has been a keen sportsman and a firm leader of Russia for the last 16 years, with an iron grip on affairs. 

Running a large-scale, covert, drug based training programme for hundreds of top athletes, costs money !   

Were the costs of training elite sportsmen and -women secretly, over a number of years, with the help of Drugs and special installations not noticable ?

Was no one ever summoned to explain why his athletes were banned ?   How many "trainers" were sacked ?  Or  does Putin really think there is a vendetta against Russia and that is why his "stars" are banned ?

Other countries have accepted that modern methods of detecting Drug-use by athletes are now more performant !