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Monday, 5 December 2016


After all the recent National Election and Referendum results in EU countries, which have all revealed a growing dissatisfaction with the handling of major events by the EU in Brussels, it is clear that fundmental changes are urgently needed. 

Everywhere, "Populist Parties" are emerging and
National Electors must be pacified, otherwise the whole EU will slowly crumble after unexpected "exits" by discontented countries ! 

The top of the Eurozone Pyramid is already tottering ! President Hollande of France has realised he could not win a second term and Mario Renzi of Italy resigned yesterday after his defeat in the Referendum.  Both were dedicated henchmen of Chancellor Merkel, but even she cannot be sure to keep her own position after the General Election in Germany next year.

It seems the EU in Brussels, faced with Terrorism, the war by the Islamic State and the consequent invasion of fugitives and migrants (not only from the Middle East), has become too slow to react to protect its member countries with effective measures ? 

Why ?  Does the EU not have the right "voting structure" ?   Or, has it over the years, assumed too many powers and now cannot solve all the National and International problems simply and quickly ?

The EU is grinding to a halt !   It must change to survive !