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Sunday, 31 December 2017


In the last General Election in Germany in September 2017 no Political Party obtained a Majority of the votes.   Once again another Coalition of Parties is needed to form a new Government. 

Since 2001 Angela Merkel has repeatedly been chosen as Chancellor by her Party or a Coalition, to rule in Germany.  During this period she had also, as the German representative, been very active in EU politics. 

Now everyone waits and watches her vain attempts to form another Coalition.   Is there no one else in Germany but Angela Merkel who wants to be Chancellor ?   When will President Steinmeier declare that another General Election should be held ?

Germans are not alone waiting for such urgent action !   The European Union, with its 29 Member countries, also needs the active participation of Germany, to solve urgent current problems.

The EU at present is at a standstill, in spite of the current problems of BREXIT, Refugees and Immigration, Terrorism in EU member countries, the Middle East war,....  

After BREXIT could there be other "EXITS" by non-Eurozone countries ?

President Steinmeier has the power to solve the problem inside Germany, but EU problems also need a solution !  Those are the responsibility of the European Council of Leaders, of which he is also the representative for Germany, but can he really officially speak for Germany before it has a Government ?





Thursday, 21 December 2017

Friday, 15 December 2017


The Referendum in June 2016 in which 52% of the Electors voted for BREXIT (Britain should leave the EU), was a free decision for each voter, without any interference by political parties. 

The Prime Minister, Theresa May has led discussions with the EU to determine the exact conditions and cost for Britain to leave the EU.   British MPs have the right and duty, to authorise or not, all the final Final BREXIT leaving conditions agreed with the EU.

However, political infighting has revealed that on every occasion possible, the Socialist opposition in Parliament is now attacking the Prime Minister and the very small majority of her Government.

Added to this are also reports of MPs who have changed sides since the Referendum and would now prefer Britain to remain in the EU ! 

The real problem now is "Could Theresa May ever get a satisfactory Vote of Confidence" in the House of Commons ?

Would the best solution not be a second Referendum which would permit ELECTORS to decide - for BREXIT or to Stay in the EU ?


Sunday, 10 December 2017


After more than a million people thronged the streets of Paris yesterday to pay their last respects to Johnny Hallyday, Paris seemed empty this morning !

His hearse left Paris on a chartered flight this morning,  with relations and a few close friends, for the French volcanic island of Saint Bartelemy in the Caribbean, where Johnny will be buried, in accordance with his wishes.

This small island has a population of about 8000 people and one can only hope that his fans will not charter huge flights to visit his grave ! 

The fact that Johnny's grave is so far away is a blessing in disguise for Paris and France !   It means his fans cannot make his grave a shrine and regularly visit it.  Will it not help them to get over their grief ?       



Saturday, 9 December 2017


During almost 60 years, everyone who has seen or heard the 74 year old star Johnny Hallyday sing rock & roll, has a souvenir associated with one of his songs. 

Today they were millions either watching his  funeral  procession directly in Paris or on their televisions.  The procession went to the Madeleine Church, via the Avenue de la Grande Armée and the Champs Elysée .

President Macron and the two previous  Presidents (Sarkozy and Hollande) attended the religious ceremony.

The eulogies of orators obviously underlined the reasons for Johnny's popularity among all generations during the last sixty years.

Probably some Hotels, Restaurants and Bars will make a "claim to fame" by announcing that Johnny slept, ate or drank in their establishments !   Will Roads and Squares also be named after him ?

It will be a very long time before another Personality is burried, who has also stirred-up as much intense interest and heart-felt sorrow !




Thursday, 7 December 2017


David Davis the Secretary of State responsible for Brexit Negotiations, has admitted that no Financial Impact Valuation has been completed in the event of Britain leaving the EU !

How can a Government, with an army of highly paid Civil Servants and outside specialist advisors, begin Brexit negotiations not having calculated how much it could cost Britain and its Citizens to leave the EU ?

Leaving the EU is like a Group of companies which sells a subsidiary.  Management must calculate before the sale how future results of its Group would be affected in later years.   This would also indicate what the selling price should be, or could even lead to the decision not to sell !

When the Directors of Companies, buy or sell important assets, they have a duty to report to their shareholders !  Do Members of Parliament not have a similar duty to their Electors ?   

Specialists in the accounting profession know the techniques required for takeovers, both for acquisitions and cessions.   Such work is sometimes not easy, but it is essential !   And it is often done secretly, but it is  necessary !






Monday, 4 December 2017


When Britain was finally allowed to join the EU in 1980 what were the conditions of that ENTRY ?   Also what was the Financial COST to Britain of any EU conditions Britain was obliged to assume ?

Now that Britain wants to leave all that is ever highlighted is the cost suffered by the EU because Britain wants to leave !

Has the latent cost which Britain assumed on its BRENTRY to the EU been calculated and offset in the BREXIT cost now being discussed ?

This benefit to the EU countries that remain, never seems to be highlighted after any Discussions or in any Press Articles !



Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Monday, 27 November 2017


« Je suis pour l’égalité des sexes et je prendrai des mesures »
Signé : un humoriste inconnu.


Monday, 20 November 2017


The former Chancellor Angela Merkel's Party, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) lost 8% of its previous votes in the General Election on September 24, 2017.  Since then Merkel has failed to form a Coalition and to regain her position as Chancellor of Germany.

For two months the EU has waited for Merkel, but why ?  Simply because all important changes to EU Treaties require the "agreement of ALL EU member countries" !

Let us suppose that Malta, the smallest EU country tries to find a Leader, would the whole business of the EU stop and wait two or four months or more ?   In such a case, would the EU and Merkel not change the rule to "or ALL currently represented member countries" ! 

How long must everyone wait ?




Wednesday, 15 November 2017


The Brexit Referendum in June 2016 produced an unexpected result when 52% of the electors voted for Britain to leave the European Union.   David Cameron immediately resigned and Theresa May was selected to replace him as Prime Minister.

She has wholeheartedly adopted the challenge of negotiating the conditions and the "cost" for Britain to leave the EU.   BUT, the  Reported discussions of  negotiations have not been clear, because the proposals of both sides vary continually.

Due to this the potential Anti-Brexiteer  voters  today could even outnumber the 51.9% of "leavers" who voted in June last year ! 

A new Referendum in Britain would provoke a real public debate and an evaluation of the advantages of staying-in or leaving the EU !    It could also provoke reactions from other EU countries which are not satisfied with the way the EU is performing at present ! 

There is unrest in Europe over many issues and the EU MUST change !   How much must Britain pay to get out before the EU changes ?


Sunday, 5 November 2017


The "Weinstein Revelations" have provoked stories of similarly concealed sexual aggressions worldwide,  which have also systematically escaped prosecution.   It is necessary to understand how and why aggressors were not prosecuted.  

In order to prosecute an Aggressor evidence and witnesses are both usually necessary.   Also, the person aggressed must be prepared to testify that there was no consent. 

The absence of a witness is probably the most usual reason why a Prosecution cannot be undertaken.  There are two frequent and classic situations where a prosecution may not be possible :

a)  A young or immature girl (or boy) with little or no experience who is too afraid to confide about what happened.
b)  A woman (or man) who is aggressed at work by a "Boss" but who fears for her job.

The non-prosecution of some Aggressors quickly breeds contempt or "Habitual Aggressors", who abuse their Position of Trust.  Typical examples are Teachers, Bosses, VIPs and family relations. 

This Blog has already suggested that a "Register of Complaints" (1) should be made available in all police stations and linked to a central computer.  This would enable "timid" people, with the help of a friend, to file a report on a standard form.   This would also enable the Police to identify "Habitual Aggressors", even when they are active in a wider territory !

A sudden multitude of accusations, like that reported in the Press concerning Harvey Weinstein, could also be provoked by such a Register.  

Likewise, if MPs or VIPs are regularly "protected" from prosecution by well placed friends, such a Register could help ensure justice....... but only future experience will reveal if this is the case !

(1)  Read : "Stop sexual aggressions by the Boss"





The Islamic State has perhaps never officially declared war against the EU, but it regularly quite proudly claims that its  terrorist agents were responsible for attacks and other atrocities in the EU or Western World !

How is it that the EU Leaders in Brussels have never managed to formulate a law to create a Unified Policy on how to combat these Extremist Islamic Terrorists ?

How can "Leaders" justify,

1)  The "Freedom of Circulation of people within EU countries" ?  
2)  Not ensure the control of External EU Frontiers ? 
3)  The absence of an automatic Death Penalty to punish  Terrorists who randomly kill civilians ?
4)  The absence of an official EU Army to fight  Islamic State Terrorists and Agents in the EU ?

The context of these questions is the growing number of refugees and immigrants which invade the EU : alas, they also include unsuspected terrorists !

At present Terrorists who are caught alive are sentenced to long terms in prison, at the expense of local Taxpayers !  While in prison these same terrorists are known to indoctrinate other, shorter term prisoners !   Is this really acceptable ? 

Should the official punishment, that any terrorist can expect, not be a strong deterrent to want to commit any crime or atrocity ?

They end the Human Right to live of their victims, but afterwards expect, even demand, the help of Advocates to protect ALL their own Human Rights as prisoners !

When will the EU Leaders and MEPs in Brussels act, to ensure safer security for the citizens that elect them ?


Wednesday, 1 November 2017


Le dernier étage des immeubles anciens parisiens et particulièrement haussmanniens abritait des chambres dites de "domestique" dépourvues de tout confort. Depuis une trentaine d'années, nombre de leurs propriétaires ont entrepris de les faire aménager et notamment d'y faire installer des cabinets d'aisances.

A Paris c'est le règlement sanitaire du 23 novembre 1979 art. 47 qui fixe ainsi les conditions de ces installations soumises également à autorisation de l'Assemblée Générale des copropriétaires (1).

"Le système de cabinets d'aisances comportant un dispositif de désagrégation des matières fécales est interdit dans tout immeuble neuf, quelle que soit son affectation.

"Toutefois, en vue de faciliter l'aménagement de cabinets d'aisances dans les logements anciens qui en sont totalement démunis, faute de possibilité technique de raccordement, il peut être installé exceptionnellement et après autorisation de l'autorité sanitaire des cuvettes comportant un dispositif mécanique de désagrégation des matières fécales avant leur évacuation. Le conduit d'évacuation doit se raccorder directement et indépendamment de tout appareil sanitaire sur une canalisation d'eaux-vannes de diamètre suffisant et convenablement ventilée. Il ne doit comporter aucune partie ascendante. L'installation doit comporter une chasse d'eau et être conforme à toutes les dispositions du présent règlement sanitaire.

"Toutes précautions spéciales sont prises notamment pour qu'il ne se manifeste aucun reflux d'eaux-vannes ni désamorçage de joints hydrauliques dans les appareils branchés sur la même chute.
Les effluents de ces appareils sont évacués et traités dans les mêmes conditions que les eaux-vannes provenant des cabinets d'aisances, et conformément aux dispositions de la section 4. Par sa conception et son fonctionnement, l'appareil ne doit entraîner aucune pollution du réseau d'amenée d'eau potable.

"Des précautions particulières doivent être prises pour assurer l'isolement acoustique correct de l'appareil et empêcher la transmission de bruits vers les locaux du voisinage.
La stagnation d'une quantité d'eau dans la bâche de pompage de l'appareil doit être limitée au minimum nécessaire au fonctionnement correct de la pompe.

"Dans le cas où des opérations d'entretien rendent nécessaire le démontage de l'appareil, celui-ci doit être conçu pour ne causer aucun dommage ni aucun inconvénient au point de vue sanitaire.

"L'appareillage électrique doit être réalisé de façon à éliminer tout risque de contact direct ou indirect des usagers avec des conducteurs sous tension. A cet effet, l'installation sera réalisée en prenant l'une des précautions prévues à la norme française NF C 15-100, compte tenu du degré de protection électrique du matériel. On tiendra compte du fait qu'il s'agit d'un local comportant des appareils hydrauliques ".

Toutefois ces contraintes sont plus apparentes que réelles et de nombreux WC broyeurs ont été installés sans autorisation préalable de la ville de Paris. Ainsi que le précise le site de la Mairie de Paris, le service technique de l'Habitat ne se déplace pas pour vérifier la conformité de l'installation et ne délivre pas d'autorisation a posteriori.

Si des désordres lui sont signalés (remontées d'odeur ou de matières), l'inspecteur de la salubrité viendra vérifier sur place l'installation. Au propriétaire de se conformer à la réglementation pour mettre fin aux nuisances ou de procéder au retrait de l'installation après mise en demeure.
Une amende de 450 euros pourra sanctionner les propriétaires récalcitrants. 

(1) S'agissant de leur raccordement, ces travaux affectent une partie commune de la copropriété et doivent donc être autorisés par l'Assemblée Générale des copropriétaires.



Friday, 27 October 2017

Wednesday, 25 October 2017


The Weinstein harassment accusations have provoked discussions and reports of other aggressions which had until then remained secret.   These now generally reveal that at a critical point in time, girls and women were too shocked to file an official complaint.

In some countries the law does protect Women from unsolicited attacks of a sexual nature ; however the main problem  is the absense of proof particularly in work places : often there are no witnesses and when there are some, they are too afraid to testify !
Witnesses  fear personal consequences, like being sacked from their job or more supplely, being totally ignored afterwards ! 
However, taking into account these recent happenings,  will it still be possible to distinguish between a man who is gently "wooing" a girl or a woman and a man who expects a woman to submit totally to all his impulsive sexual demands !  

Is this the end of the French style of "galantry" ?                                                                                                                                                                .                                                


Monday, 23 October 2017


Sir Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary, talks tough about British Subjects who have volunteered to become Jihadist fighters (or "cannon-fodder") !   He intends to withdraw their British Passports to prevent them from returning to Britain to live !

The simple fact is that they have committed TREASON by joining the Islamic State troops.  This crime used to be punished with death, but that has now been replaced with the costly modern alternative of imprisonment for life ! 

The Islamic State has organised attrocities not only in Britain but in all EU countries and World-wide !  

Therefore the EU must also act !   It has strangled its member countries with countless acts and edicts but neglects totally all problems connected with the security of its citizens !   BREXIT is one of the consequences, but other "EXITS" can be expected if nothing changes !




Sunday, 22 October 2017


When not enough convincing evidence of an aggression, sexual or otherwise, is readily available, the Police are reluctant to pursue enquiries.    This is particularly true in the case of sexual aggressions when no third party is present !

The current Weinstein scandal in the Film Industry, has provoked countless discussions and articles in the Press all over the World.  Revelations also state that due to their contacts some well known Public Personalities, Politicians and "Bosses" in industry, have  escaped prosecution or even answering awkward questions.

Sometimes, if not before their death, the truth is sudddenly revealed.   What is never made public are the identities of who blocked the prosecution of a simple or habitual sexual offender !   Usually the reason given by the Police is that there was not enough evidence for a prosecution !

When young girls or women are sexually abused they are ashamed and in shock : it is then they need the help of a friend, but they are alone and have no witnesses !

In view of the foregoing, even if a centralised Computer File is created, as this Blog has already suggested (1), would all the Police stations register ALL complaints on standard forms ?   But, would the Police then also act if  enough evidence is found to justify a prosecution ? 

The simple announcement that such a register has been created would definitely comfort women and help to ensure their basic right not to be molested against their will ! 

(1) Read : "Stop sexual aggressions by the boss !"



Wednesday, 18 October 2017


The numerous accusations of sexual abuse in the current Weinstein Saga, have now provoked articles in the International Press about VIPs who in the past had been suspected of sexual abuse, but who were never prosecuted, because the evidence against them was considered "unsound" ! 

There have been cases like this all over the World.  It is only after their death, when it is too late for justice, that the real truth is revealed, of how and why the VIP was protected by an anonimous person !

This Blog has already proposed (1) that a register should be made available where "secret" abuse complaints could be filed at a local Police station.   In the case of VIPs, would such complaints not sytematically "get lost" or disappear ?  Would that then not always be due to a "hacker" ?

These problems remain and must be solved !

(1) Read : Stop sexual aggressions by the "Boss" !





Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Monday, 16 October 2017


Daily press reports of alleged sexual abuse, provoked by the ongoing Weinstein saga, also highlight the lack of efficient laws to protect any of the victims.

What can the Victims do when the sexual aggresser  is  their boss or in a dominant position and often well known ?

Young girls in particular fear losing their jobs.  Victims  often do not have any real creditable evidence and no witness and are too timid to reveal the murky details of what happened !

Habitual aggressors know this : they operate against the consent of their victims and have no fear of prosecution.

Without "clear evidence" the Police at present will not and cannot act.  There is however a way to identify, catch and ultimately punish these "long term Aggressors" !
A centralised Police Computor File should be officially established in every country.   Aggressed victims could then secretly complete standardised reports in their local police station.   Such a file would quickly reveal the identification of long term habitual attackers, even those operating on an "international" basis.
Publication of the existence of such a file would also serve as a deterrent and would definitely provide more security and justice for victims !




Saturday, 14 October 2017


Anne Hildago the current Socialist Mayoress of Paris   has a "clean air in 2030" plan (or dream)  for the French Capital : replacing petrol and diesel cars with electric cars. 

She is now confronted not only by her political opponents but also by the citizens of Paris, not to speak of the growing anxieties in surrounding suburbs !  

No details of her plans for 2030, nor the costs, have been made public.   Contractors will be required but who will bear the costs, only Parisien Rate-payers ?   What is the time Schedule leading up to 2030 for all aspects of her proposals ?

Which "electric vehicles" are concerned, only cars or also motor-bikes, lorries, coaches and buses ?  What about Police Cars, Ambulances, Tourist vehicles, VIP and CD cars ?   Will there still be taxis in Paris ?

If petrol stations are to be phased out, where will vehicles be able to plug-in for electricity ?  How long will it take to recharge a Car Battery and what autonomy will Cars have ?  More than 100 or 150 Kilometers ?

The additional electricity requirements for Paris alone would probably necessitate building a special Power Station !   If drivers must travel long distances, in France or abroad, will "plug-ins" be readily available ?  

There is, however, a simple alternative to avoid all these problems.  Ban all Cars, Motor-bikes and Buses in Paris and provide free travel on the Underground !  This would mean building Carparks on the fringe of the Capital, but parking charges could pay for the free Underground !

Paris Citizens would also be relieved, delighted even !   At present, much to the discomfort of pedestrians, Motor-bikes litter pavements everywhere, but parking tickets are never issued !  That would be too costly to ensure, but also it would be a vote-loser at the very next Election !



Monday, 9 October 2017


The recent General Election in Germany has again left the country in a stalemate situation : no one party alone can govern and appoint the Chancellor, without the help of a Coalition !

When Angela Merkel again became the Chancellor four years ago it was also due to the Coalitition of her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) with the Social Democratic Party (SDP).   Alas this time the SDP Members want a different Coalition.

Merkel is now trying to form a Coalition and hopes to become Chancellor before Christmas !   Any Party in a new Coalition with CDU will certainly impose conditions and which Merkel would be expected to respect : this is quite normal.  

BUT, politicians are now hesitant about Merkel.   Out of pity, she happily invited Immigrants into Germany (and the EU) to solve the shortage of manpower in German factories !  This finally resulted in an "invasion of immigrants" in the whole EU from not only the Middle East Warzone but from many other distressed warzone areas worldwide.

EU countries are now clamouring for an update of basic principles in EU Treaties, which were conceived more than 50 years ago !
Must EU countries now wait until Christmas or until Germany has a new Chancellor, before any such changes can be discussed or undertaken ?


Saturday, 7 October 2017


Western Newspapers carry reports that 41 year old Alex Navalny, has again been arrested, which is the third time this year.  

He is an anti-corruption Campaigner and it is a well known fact that he wants to be a Candidate in the Presidential Election to be held in March 2018 in Russia.

However, in Totalitarian countries like Russia, unvetted or very popular opposition candidates like Navalny, who is also anti-Putin, are definitely NOT welcome !  The proof is that he has been imprisoned because he did not (i.e. could not) get the official Permission required to hold his Meetings ! 

Putin has been at the helm as acting President since 1999 and obviously does not want opposition.   BUT there are cells in favour of Navalny in at least 60, if not more, Russian cities.  This is probably what terrifies Putin !   

If each cell selects a "clean candidate", ready to stand if selected Nationally, could all Candidates subsequently presented, be systematically rejected ?    Would the Totalitarian Hierarchy really be prepared to reject all 60 ?


Thursday, 5 October 2017


Edouard Philippe est »ouvert à la discussion » sur la surtaxation des signes ostentatoires de richesse.


Every sector in the French Economy seems to be critical of the many measures which Macron and his Government are proposing to introduce !   But, the proposals correspond with what he promised as a presidential Candidate .

Trade Unions are repeatedly organising Marches, Middle Class Taxpayers are writhing about planned increases inTaxes which do not affect the Super-Rich with yachts or airplanes or investments in shares !

Is Macron at fault because he wants to do too much too quickly ?   He is changing Employment Rules which could encourage Companies to expand their businesses and also to become more competitive on international markets !

After this, should he not have paused, to assess the favourable cash flow which this should produce ?  Less unemployed, less State Aid, more Production and Sales, is exactly what France needs !

Changing everything all at the same time, even though it does need changing, has even turned some of his own Electors against him ; they voted for him and his Plans and for his new Party, but they are now disappointed, even angry !

His Popularity in all Polls is plunging.  Economists everywhere must be wondering if even HE knows what his "Cash Flow" will look like, for the period ending December 2018, and also in later years !



Wednesday, 4 October 2017


A French amateur cyclist aged 43 came out of  retirement after his wife said she wanted to see him compete ; he then won a couple of amateur races.

Aware that an electric device (with a limited time capacity) could be fitted to bikes to help competitors, he bought one and used it.   This device is available in specialist shops and purchases are frequent.

This amateur has now become the first cyclist to be charged criminally for this type of "swindling".  His club and the French Federation of Cyclists (FFC) are also considering action ! 

It is not surprising that suddenly the "World of Cycling" is reacting in this way.  After the "doped cyclists" we now have "doped bikes" !
But the key question now is : "Are the bikes of Professional Competitors systematically and properly checked" ?  In particular, are "reserve bikes" supplied during races also checked ?

For the last 60 years it has been a well known fact that, in France at least, Professional Cyclists used dope to improve their performances.

One should never forget that in 1967 Tom Simpson collapsed and died in the Tour de France.   In 2012 all of Lance Armstrong's Victories were all cancelled and removed from the records !

Is the "World of Cycling" today really sure that there is no more cheating through the use of Drugs ? 

Is "Throwing the Book" at an amateur aged 43, who could even end up in prison, really the right place to start cleaning-up the World of Cycling again ?




Sunday, 1 October 2017


Après la réforme de l'ISF, seul l'immobilier sera assujetti à l'impôt sur la fortune.   Si la réforme de l'ISF fait plutôt consensus, le maintien de la résidence principale dans l'assiette de l'ISF exaspère nombre de propriétaires pour qui se loger est une nécessité.

Certes pour calculer l'assiette de l'ISF, la résidence principale bénéficie d'un abattement de 30%. Mais quand les prix de l'immobilier à Paris ont été multipliés par 6 ou 7 en quelques années, les propriétaires de leur résidence principale se retrouvent "riches" malgré eux.

Exclure la résidence principale de l'assiette de l'ISF aurait l'avantage d'apaiser les nombreux retraités non éligibles à l'exonération de la taxe d'habitation et qui subissent l'augmentation de la CSG sans aucune contrepartie.



Wednesday, 27 September 2017


Avec 13, 6% des voix, 94 députés du AfD (le parti d’extrême droite allemand) font leur entrée au Bundestag


Is Theresa May listening, but also weighing the results of the recent General Elections in France and Germany ? 

Macron is the new President of France with a comfortable majority in the National Assembly.  He was elected to reform France after the castastrophic Presidency of François Hollande !   France must become "profitable" again ! 

Yesterday Macron in his speech clearly stated he too, like many other Leaders in the EU, wanted major changes in EU Treaties to control at least, Immigration and to confront Terrorism, so as to ensure the Security of the EU.

In Germany, "Mutti" Merkel's Party again obtained the most votes (33%) but now faces the fact that she may not be able negotiate a Coalition with acceptable conditions, to remain as the Chancellor of Germany as she has been since November 2005.   Electors clearly voted for a new approach by Germany in the EU !  If she fails she could find herself rebaptised as "Oma" Merkel !

Many countries in the EU are yearning for Changes to Treaties, not only Macron in France !    In view of the current BREXIT negotiations, Theresa May is duty bound to reappraise the situation : "What does Britain want now "?