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Thursday, 19 January 2017


According to some experts, it could take up to 10 years to conclude negotiations and to determine the cost to Britain of leaving the EU. 

Theresa May personally wants to negotiate special conditions concerning Immigration, Financial Services and Trade with the EU, just to mention a few. 

Initially she also wanted to by-pass Parliament but now says the final deal would be voted on by both Houses of Parliament !  

When could that be ?   Will she then still be the Prime Minister ?

In the meantime the EU will change and Britain could also change !  There will be Elections everywhere, even  in Britain in May 2020 !

What would happen if May and her Conservatives lose the next General Election ?  Who would then get the task to take over the Brexit problem ?  Where will he find all the secret files ?

Would it not be better now, to create a Parliamentary Negotiation Committee, composed of a cross section of Leaders and Experts ?  They could also act as trusted reporters to disseminate delicate information without divulging secrets.   Also any future Elections would not necessarily lead to changes in such a Committee.  

Debates over the Brexit Deal in the House of Commons, which are open to the public and of course to EU negotiators, are obviously not a wise alternative !