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Wednesday, 4 January 2017


The resignation of Sir Ivan Rogers, the top British negotiator with the EU over "Brexit", could be welcomed with a huge sigh of relief by Theresa May, the Prime Minister !   But, would it be for the right reasons !

Not many businessmen would omit to undertake a  serious valuation of the "pros and cons",  prior to major decisions which could fundamentally affect the future activities of their company and its prosperity !   

This is what shareholders would need and expect to judge Directors !   Electors also expect Politicians to provide the proof, with details, that all due diligence was undertaken before the final decision.  

In the case of Brexit, it means deciding to action Section 50 of the Lisbon Treaty to start negotiations, to leave the EU but also to decide how much Britain will accept pay for recovering its Independence ! 

Theresa May wants to bypass the House of Commons because she considers that Voters in the Referendum have conferred on her the Duty, as Prime Minister, to negotiate "Brexit" and nothing else !  Is this not churlish ?

Whatever the result of the pending appeal to the House of Lords, which is expected next week, her intentions could prove to be short sighted !  

Floughting the House of Commons could lead to a "General Vote of no Confidence in Theresa May", without any mention that this was due to her handling of "Brexit" !