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Thursday, 5 January 2017


The British Press this morning gives full coverage of what The Times has called the  "Mandarins Revolt" following the resignation of Sir Ivan Rogers.

He was the top British Negotiator for "Brexit" but was considered as a stumbling block, or "non Brexiteer" by the current British Prime Minister, Theresa May !

What is alarming and very rare is that so many  details of the reasons for Sir Ivan's resignation have been revealed.   

The facts and how Brexiteers led by Theresa May, chose blatantly to ignore and not heed the advice of "their Mandarins", their Civil Servants, if their advice did not serve the cause of their "Brexit Aims", is alarming and inadmissible !

It is very rare for such disclosures to be made public, but as the article in this blog yesterday (1) foresaw, for other  similar but business reasons, Theresa May's Head (and her Leadership) is on the Block !

(1) Entitled "Brexiteer May Dictates Her Will" !