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Thursday, 23 February 2017


The "Parisien" newspaper in its edition of February 22, 2017 reveals the fight of the Compiègne Municipality against gangs of drug dealers ! 

The lack of security in this town of 40 000 citizens means their lives are dominated by Drug Barons and the Police are incapable of stopping this domination. 

The Security of citizens, not only in France, is a National responsibility and can only be properly ensured with a comprehensive national policy.  It obviously covers all aspects of security, not only Drugs.  Immigration, Border controls, the unhampered "Administration of Justice", must all be ensured ! 

The lack of sufficient space in Prisons in France (and in other EU countries as well) has already led to "soft" justice !   This in turn encourages, rather dissuades, more crime !

It is alarming that current Candidates in the French Presidential Election seem shy to state clearly what their Policy will be to improve Security .

Only Hamon has said he would legalise the use of Drugs like cannabis......   But, is this really an acceptable solution ?