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Saturday, 18 February 2017


Presidential Candidate Emanuel Macron, on a visit to Algeria, described the colonisation of Algeria by France as a "Crime against  Humanity" !

This immediately provoked a furore of reactions everywhere, which forced Macron to backtrack and  explain what he really meant !  Such an undiplomatic remark is not expected of a Presidential Candidate and former personal  adviser of President Hollande ! 

Algeria has been administrated as a Colony of France since at least 1830.  It is true, there were some bloody confrontations during the years prior to 1962 when De Gaulle granted Algeria its independence.

However, France like Britain has successful and friendly contacts with many overseas Colonies which are mutually respected : they could never merit the description of "Crimes against Humanity" ! 

To the glee of other Candidates this "untimely undiplomatic lapse" has become a setback in Macron's campaign to become the next President of France in May 2017 !