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Monday, 27 February 2017


The almost daily Opinion Polls suddenly agree who will be the two winners of the First Round of voting on Sunday April 23 : Marine Le Pen, of the extreme Right "National Front," followed by  Emmanual Macron, Leader of the Movement, "En Marche"  and Hollande's Minister of Economy  until last August !

As a consequence, on May 7 the next President would not be François Fillon, of the Republican Right ; nor would it be Hamon, who won the Socialist Primary, or Melenchon of the Extreme Left....even if they do manage to agree who could be the leader if they join forces.

But, there are still 8 weeks to go before the vote on April 23 !  Is there not some wishful thinking in the air ?  There are many undecided electors, including Socialists who voted for Hollande.  Do French voters really want another dose of Socialism from Hollande's spiritual son, Emmanual Macron, after those last 5 years ?

Could there not be more surprises, like those in the Primaries of the Socialists and the Republicans ?

As any Middle Distance Athlete will tell you, "Who cares who is leading in the early stages of the race ?  What is important is who could win the final sprint at the end".