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Thursday, 2 February 2017


The five year term of office by François Hollande  was a disaster and it has even destroyed his Socialist Party as well.   There is panic in their ranks ! 

Benoit HAMON unexpectatly won the Socialist Primary Election last week but this victory has not guaranteed him the usual support of all the losing candidates.   His projected policies include a  for everyone over the age of 18 and the legalisation of the use of canabis.   But his policies could attract votes from the Communists on the left  !

A losing candidate, the former Prime Minister Manual Valls, has flatly refused to support Hamon.  He maintains he could not accept such a Policy which would clearly bankrupt France.  

This general consternation among Socialists has turned the spotlight on Emanuel Macron.  The former Minister of the Economy bypassed the Primary after creating his own party (En Marche) and then became a direct candidate in the Presidential Election.   He is currently   among the Opinion Poll favourites !