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Tuesday, 28 March 2017


The Russian Presidential Election is at present still scheduled to be held in March 2018.   Normally the sole official Governmental Candidate will be Putin himself, but nothing final has yet been decided.   There could be a last minute surprise, just like there was in 2000 when Putin was unexpectedly chosen to stand !

Since Putin's first election, several opposition Leaders have tried to oppose Putin, but some have lost their lives or been imprisoned. 

The current Leader of the Opposition, who has already announced he wants to stand as a Candidate next Year, is Alexei NAVALNY, a Lawyer and anti-Corruption Activist ! 

He has accused Putin and Medvedev, both former Russian Presidents and Prime Ministers, of Corruption and Embezzlement of State Funds.  It is well known in the West that both are hugely rich.

Navalny with his Anti Corruption Foundation has created huge disturbances in more than 80 towns and cities in Russia.  Last month he was given a "Suspended Sentence of 5 years" and this week was jailed for only 15 days for creating disturbances !

Will Navalny be "free" next year, to become one of the Opposition Candidates ?   

Who could stand and replace Navalny next year at the last minute ?   That must now be seriously examined ! 

If two replacement Leaders in each of the 80 towns (and more) are NOW secretly adopted, then an immediate replacement for Navalny could surely be found instantly if required !