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Friday, 21 April 2017


When Britain, with Denmark and Ireland, joined the EU on January 1, 1973 there were then 9 countries in the EU !   Britain came with its dowry and a solid reputation earned after two World Wars !   It was welcomed and recognised as being a real Partner, not only in Europe but on the International Stage. 

Since then, the Aims, Ideals and Dreams of the EU have changed !  The European UNION no longer protects its Frontiers, there is INSECURITY, there is a rampant INVASION of IMMIGRANTS and particularly for ECONOMIC reasons, the freedom of the circulation of goods and people has been adopted as a fundamental EU rule in its Treaties !

There are now 27 EU country members instead of just 9 in 1973 !    BUT, any changes to Treaties requires the unanimous vote of all 27 countries.  This has now become virtually impossible to obtain !   In fact, several countries would also like to "do a Brexit", because the EU has become moribund, stagnant !   The EU cannot change anything easily because of its own rules !

BUT, the EU, or Brussels, now wants to impose "HARD BREXIT" conditions !    It wants Britain to pay to leave the Jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg !    But, Brussels also seems to want Britain to ensure future EU SECURITY, or pay compensation ! 

Is it not already obvious that the EU must change to ensure its own future ?   Has the EU not noticed the regular increase of Nationalist Party support in recent National General Elections ?  

EU politicians must react !   EU member countries are watching the Brexit Negotiations !