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Tuesday, 18 April 2017


30% of the Electors due to vote on Sunday April 23 in the 1st round of the Presidential Election, are unsure for whom to vote !  9 of the 11 Candidates will be eliminated in this vote.

Normally several candidates are well qualified to assume this important Function of President, but not this year.  In both the Primary Elections, of the ruling Socialists Party and the opposition Republican Party, their two "hot favourites" expected to win, were instead all unexpectedly eliminated ! 

The Republicans lost Jupé and Sarkozy, the Socialists lost Montebourg and Valls !  All 4 must have been totally devastated and disappeared from the Political scene ... 

Now there is only one Candidate left who has a proven record of experience, Fillon !  He was the Prime Minister for 5 years when Sarkozy was President !

In this context one must not forget the disasterous Presidency of Hollande : was it because he had never held any Ministerial post before his election five years ago ?

Who among Fillon, Le Pen, Macron and Mélenchon could qualify for the deciding vote on May 7th ? 

One can only hope that the next President will do better than the last one !