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Tuesday, 11 April 2017


In 2013 Assad used nerve Gas to silence Rebels in Syria; when ONU wanted to send a team of inspectors to verify the alleged facts, Russia and China used their Vetoes to  prevent any violation of the Independence of Syria !

It is clear that Putin has done nothing since then to force Assad to destroy Syria's Nerve gas Stocks !   Before Trump reacted last week after the last Syrian Nerve gas attack, the Russian Diplomat at ONU was already explaining that the attack was not the fault of Syria ! 

Alas the sad photos and reports in the International Press, clearly prove the involvement and guilt of Assad and Syria ! 

It is quite clear that the use of Vetoes in the past has been abused !   When situations like this repeat themselves, when any country or person wants to flagrently hide the truth and avoid justice, a 90% or more vote by all ONU countries, should nullify the use of any Veto !

Should ONU not test the reaction to such a change now, today ?   What is the use of all the other ONU members, if Putin and his totalitarian group of countries are always able to impose their wills ? 

It makes a mockery of UNO Justice !