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Saturday, 8 April 2017


One thing that Trump has achieved with his unexpected strike in Syria is stop all attemps to justify the original strikes by Bachar ! 

If Obama had reacted in the same way as Trump in 2013, Middle East History since then would certainly have evolved quite differently !     

How can any President, Bachar or not, who uses lethal Salin nerve gas to kill off the opposition in his own country, but which haphazardly also kills thousands of others of his own citizens, expect to recover the admiration of his country ?  How can anyone justify such action ? 

Is Putin proud of what Bachar has done ?  Would Putin do the same thing in Russia ?   Will he continue to back Assad ?  Will Russian ships remain in Syrian ports ?

Reports expect that Bachar, his Family and Entourage, will now go into hiding !   But, can he escape appearing in International Courts of Justice for Crimes against Humanity ?

Who could then seize power and rule Syria ?