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Thursday, 11 May 2017


After the election of Macron as President of France, even hard-core Socialist Party members seem to be totally lost and no longer seem to know where to look for their next Leader !

This is one just one part of the disasterous Legacy that François Hollande has left after his unexpected election as President 5 years ago !  The other main part of the legacy he has left, is the disasterous state of the French Economy !  

Hollande strongly backed Macron against Marine Le Pen and urged (even ordered) his former Ministers to vote for Macron : they all understood the message !  One can say Hollande was totally unethical, to intervene like this !

A General Election will take place in France on June 11 and 18.  Macron's Party now called "REPUBLICANS en Marche" will have a candidate in each Constituency !

Those Socialists who had hoped to join Macron, cannot really expect to be selected :  the list of 577 candidates was closed yesterday, May 10 !  They could join his Party if they have resigned their membership of the Socialist Party, but will not be automatically selected, even for their own previous constituency where they were  Socialist candidates !   This is understandable !

At the General Election there could be one or two or more new Socialist Parties !                                                                   .