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Sunday, 21 May 2017


The way Trade Unions in France are now ready to judge any measures by the Macron Government, is strangely similar to what Margaret Thatcher faced when she was elected in 1980 !

Britain had been faced with a six month bus strike, which the Socialist Prime Minister, James Callaghan, was incapable of stopping !   His Government was defeated and Thatcher was later obliged to "clip" some Union Rights.

The French President may use edicts to impose certain changes quickly and Trade Union Leaders have already said this could lead to opposition from Unions.   Macron was the Minister of the Economy and also President Hollande's advisor : he thus already has front line experience of stubborn opposition from Unions. 

But, French Unions are quick to use Strikes and Marches to protect the Rights of Workers which sometimes were obtained many years ago. 

In a changing world such Rights sometimes can stifle Employers, just when they are expected to act, to make their companies more competitive, with the sole aim to avoid a Financial disaster like a Liquidation.

In such cases Trade Unions must also realise that they too, have obligations to help ensure the future of a business !