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Tuesday, 2 May 2017


The EU is desperately trying to punish Britain if it persists with its aim to leave the EU !   For "starters" the EU seems to be suggesting that the cost would be at least 60 Billion Euros ! 

Has Jean-Claude Juncker or the EU provided the details of how this cost of 60 Billion was calculated ?

To start negotiations with the obligation to reduce or increase this "estimated cost" is not realistic !   Is it right to punish Britain now, when at a later date the EU could decide to change the current basic rules and problems which have provoked the Brexit request ?

At present the EU has a multitude of problems, even in the EUROZONE !  To say the only concern is the arrival of Refugees from the Middle East is an illusion !  ISIS   Terrorists will also have to be controlled by the EU !

The absense of Frontier Controls and the Freedom of Movement of Goods and People are ideals which must sooner or later be redefined. 

If nothing changes, there will be further BREXIT style EXITS !   Even the revival of EFTA (European Free Trade Area) could be provoked by the arrival of other dissatisfied EU member Countries !

The EU cannot really survive without changing some of its Rules ! 

The Cost of a Brexit must be detailed and also any repayment conditions, as well as interest costs !