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Tuesday, 9 May 2017


Last night, after the euphorie had slightly calmed after the election of Emmanuel Macron as the new President of France, a factual film of events from all periods of his short 39 year life could be seen by TV viewers.

Without any comments, it revealed his persuasive analytical style and determination, when he spontaneously and impartially tackled new problems while facing electors or political foes ! 

One also realises that his unexpected rise in the last 12 months to become President, is not really surprising : it is something which France really needed !  Out with the tried and tired Old Parties and Political Leaders.  In with perhaps the new touch of a Political Genius !

Before the next General Election on June 11 and 18, there will again be numerous political intrigues !

Old Parties will all try to ensure their survival to be at least part of a "hung Parliament" if no Party gets a working majority.   But, some politicians will defect to other Parties to ensure a better chance for their personal ambitions !   And yet others will retire or unexpectedly lose their seats !

Finally, Macron's new Party "En Marche" (On the Move),  will represented by their Candidate in each of the 577 constituencies !   Could "En Marche" even get a majority ?  That remains to be seen ! 

But if necessary, Macron could negotiate a working majority with a "Coalition" in the Parliament !   He does have that persuasive ability to achieve this !