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Friday, 19 May 2017


Not for the first time alas, another report, this time in the Le Parisien newpaper, draws attention to a "no-go zone" in the La Chapelle area in the north of Paris.

The Boulevard, under the arches of the Metro, between the stations Barbes Rochouart and La Chapelle, have for a long time been infested by Drug Dealers, Pimps and Migrants.  Local residents, in particular women and children,  already avoid the area behind the Gare du Nord !

Tourists are attracted to the Pigalle and Anvers Metro stations, but they should also be advised not stray further later in the day ! 

Once again the absense of security, the soft Justice dispensed by magistrates,  because Prisons are already overcrowded, underlines what Electors now hope and expect their new President Emmanuel Macron, will correct.

In the past Police have sometimes intervened heavily, but no new prisons were ever planned !