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Tuesday, 9 May 2017


Many Member Countries are anxious that the EU could collapse if its Rules and Principles are not soon revised.  There are two main concerns, 

  -  Security Controls to limit Immigration and Terrorism.
  -  Restoration of the Rights for National Parliaments to determine local Economic Policies.

A UK BREXIT is already being discussed and the possibility French a FREXIT has been avoided after the election of Macron as the new President.  BUT, are there not other countries, particularly small ones, which would also like to EXIT because big EU principles prevent them solving their small problems ? 

When EU frontiers are not controled in order not to hinder the sacred Economic principles of the Freedom of movement of Goods and People, how can EU countries, particularly the small ones, absorb the consequent costs ?   It is worse than leaving the front door of a private home open !

Germany is virtually the richest economy of the EU and Chancellor Merkel its Leader.  But she is also the prime leader of the EU and the Eurozone and must work with other Leaders on EU needs !    Germany needs selected, qualified immigrants for its Industries and for its Export Sales ! 

It is quite clear that what Merkel needs and wants for Germany, is probably not the same as that which other EU Leaders want for their Countries !

So when will things change ?