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Sunday, 25 June 2017


Although Russia elects its President and DUMA MPs, it is a Totalitarian Country.   The  Constitution ensures that the President can nominate 50% of the MPs ! 

Next year in March, the Presidential Election will take place and it seems that Putin already has fears that an "opposition" Candidate could stand against him. 

In particular, one such Candidate could be Alexei Navalny, a lawyer who is a well known anti-corruption leader.  He and his brother, have  already been imprisoned and he was again arrested recently, because he "caused disturbances" while addressing supporters !

Putin is a very rich man according to the Forbes List estimations (70 billion Dollars), which is not bad for a Politician !   This riles Navalny and all his supporters.

It is quite clear Navalny still runs the risk of more "punishment" on trumped-up charges to prevent him standing as a candidate for the Presidency in March.

Earlier this month, June 2017, film of violent Police repression of Navalny supporters could be seen on the Internet.  Last year reports indicated that there were revolts in 80 Russian Cities.  This number must now be nearer 160 !

Also, if ever Navalny is prevented from standing as a candidate against Putin, certainly numerous other city leaders could replace him !

But is Putin hesitating ?   He has not yet said he intends to stand !  In fact, can he really be sure to win ?



Wednesday, 21 June 2017


The short statement below shows the impact of the 2017 "Macron Tsunami" on other Party MPs in the French Parliamentary Assembly :

                                                        2012        2017

       Socialist Party                           258           30
       National Front Party                     2             8
       Communist Party                        11           10
       Unsubdued Party                        11            17
       The Republicans                       193          130

       Macron "en marche" Party           0          308
       MoDem Party                                 2            42

       Sundry others                            100            32
                                                          ____          ____
           Total number of MPs             577           577

In just over one year Macron, who had been the Adviser of President Hollande, founded his Party, was elected   President of France and then his Party alone obtained a Majority in the National Assembly !

One says that success breeds success !  This is clearly what happened here, as the Statement above reveals, but it also resulted in the destruction of the two former traditional Parties which had taken turns in Governing France, since the creation of the 5th Republic by De Gaule in 1958 !

Electors had heard all the reasons why taxes were escalating and costs were rising, but after the desasterous Presidency of Hollande French Electors all wanted a complete change !   Macron promised he would change France ! 

When he became the new President, Macron promised Equality of the Sexes in politics and a new Moral Code in politics .  In his new "en Marche" Party there were more than 200 neophyte Candidates !   Voters flocked to back his party !

This is only a part of the Macron Tsunami effect and it has not yet ended.   

Even today, the third day after the General Election, four Ministers have either resigned or not been retained in the Government due to the new Moral Code.  

We must patiently wait to see what happens next ! 




Sunday, 18 June 2017


After five years of the catastrophic Presidency by Fran├žois Hollande, the vote has confirmed that Electors really do want a fundamental political change in the way the country has been governed.

Hollande failed to stem rising Unemployment, increased Taxes and National Debt, stifled Industry with rising Social Costs and finally incurred the wrath of Trade Unions !

The General Election vote today also reveals that he has completely destroyed the Socialist Party which had 279 MPs 5 years ago, but now will have only about 34 when final figures are available.

The turn out of Electors today is about 43.4%, which is even lower than last Sunday when 48.7% voted.  Does this mean that the French have lost all faith in politics ?

Today the "En Marche Party" created by  President Macron, has a commanding Majority in the National Assembly with about 355 MPs.   His recent election, to replace Hollande, has inspired Electors who seek a change !  
The way President Macron has performed since his Election has been well accepted.   He now has the chance and the time to make his mark by "changing  France as it is now" !






Wednesday, 7 June 2017


After the Presidential Election, it was clear that Electors wanted a change of Political actors.   However the possibility of the election of a Hung Parliament was a fair bet !

This was before the onset of Macron-mania ! The strong  handshake with Donald Trump had been widely publicised and seemed to have impressed everybody in France.

The "Republic En Marche" party founded by Macron, is now expected to obtain a commanding majority in the next National Assembly.  The voting will be on June 11 and 18.

This was supported by the unexpected publication last Sunday, of the results of the 11 seats for French Nationals living overseas.   In 10 of the seats the "En Marche" Party was leading.  Normally such results are only made known after Electors in France have Voted, to prevent them being influenced. 

Should such interference not be sanctioned ? 




Tuesday, 6 June 2017


When Terrorists suddenly strike and kill innocent civilians , the Elected Leaders of European countries are all utterly confused, at a total loss, about what should be done, or could be done to ensure more security. 

This is in spite of the fact that many of the Leaders were formerly Ministers (of Justice, of the Interior, of Defence....) but even so, when attrocities occur in their own Country, they do nothing new which could perhaps avert another Terrorist attack !  No one leads the way !

Before attacking, all Terrorists plan;  they also receive help and advice as well as arms and explosives !  Some now just use knives or drive a car to kill !   If Terrorists survive their attacks, they always know where they can safely hide afterwards.

The Laws of most Western Countries punish those who "aid and abet others to commit a crime" !   So why are so few of such criminals punished ?  Why is the punishment not doubled in the case of Terrorists ?

WHY is there no Law which would punish friends or neighbours of Terrorists who DO NOT inform the Police of their "doubts", when they "know"  full well, something is being planned ? 

How is it possible that the Police, in France as well as in Britain, "so often state" that a terrorist was "known" to them, was on their files as a suspect and has now become responsible for the latest attrocity ?  Something  must be wrong in the Police Organisation if so many suspects have been left free to kill !

The day when Western Leaders accept that Extremist Muslims are leading a Total War effort against all "non believers", will they adopt  retaliatory mesures to fight back and thereby really protect their innocent civilians,  electors and taxpayers ? 

One can only hope that will be the case ! 


Sunday, 4 June 2017


How many more bloody Atrocities by Terrorists must citizens and electors witness before Politicians feel obliged to introduce measures  which actually improve the safety of all their citizens ? 

After every Atrocity, in all major EU countries, Politicians express their outrage, but nothing happens, nothing changes !   There are never any new measures to punish or even to "deter" Terrorists.

Yet it is well known that there are several "Terrorist Cells" in most countries, actively recruiting and training "suicide bombers", all for the "Glory of Allah" !

Any Terrorist caught alive, risks only spending many years in Prison, at the expense of taxpayers, sometimes with the chance to convert gullible short term inmates to their cause !

The ideal of soft EU Justice must change !  This extreme form of Islamism uses premeditated murder to conquer western countries !   It is a new form of War and the "soldiers" are not loving missionaries or the harmless worshippers of Allah !

The Penalty of Death must be re-introduced for all active  terrorists, whether they have killed or are only at the planning stage.  

Politicians only talk of closing frontiers, but why ? Some Terrorists are EU born !  They have the right to circulate !

What is needed is a totally committed EU "Terrorist-Tracking" Police Force !   That would be much more effective !



Saturday, 3 June 2017


While Obama was President, the  USA was one of 195 countries like China, Russia and all EU member countries, to sign the Climate Agreement in Paris in 2015.

Now the new President of the USA, Donald  Trump, has decided that it would be in the better interests of the USA to withdraw from this Agreement.

This would help to reduce US unemployment and permit the US to exploit its huge natural reserves of coal, gas and oil.   As Trump says, "America comes first" !

The USA will continue being a leading World polluter !  

Trump has imposed his will despite the fact that there was huge cross-Party opposition in the USA before his decision.  There is now huge disappointment world-wide.

How can one justify saving US unemployment when this  same decision also endangers millions of lives and even the future of our planet ? 




Thursday, 1 June 2017


It is now clear for everyone in France, that 39 year old Emmanuel Macron, who was unexpectedly elected as the President of France on May 7, is a man with a mission !

To form a Government before the General Election Macron has plundered chosen  personalities from the Socialists, the Centre and right Parties : the Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe comes from "The Republican" Party on the right !   

But, the new young President needs the support of MPs in the National Assembly (General Election votes are on 11th and 18th June).  Ideally he really wants a majority for the Party he has created, "La Republique en Marche".

Most of the candidates chosen to stand for his party are not from the political world.   At first no one thought that any of the "first time" candidates,  who had never stood in an election before, had the slightest chance to win and become an MP.  This initial reaction is now changing ; electors are listening and slowly  warming to Macron's ideas.

Since his election, Macron has also carefully chosen and organised his appearances on television.  He has been seen only with top personalities like Merkel from the EU, Putin from Russia and Trump from the USA !   A way to ensure his "jupitarian presidency "....

After the disasterous 5 years of Socialist Governmental Rule, directed by President Hollande, changes for a better future are welcome.