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Sunday, 4 June 2017


How many more bloody Atrocities by Terrorists must citizens and electors witness before Politicians feel obliged to introduce measures  which actually improve the safety of all their citizens ? 

After every Atrocity, in all major EU countries, Politicians express their outrage, but nothing happens, nothing changes !   There are never any new measures to punish or even to "deter" Terrorists.

Yet it is well known that there are several "Terrorist Cells" in most countries, actively recruiting and training "suicide bombers", all for the "Glory of Allah" !

Any Terrorist caught alive, risks only spending many years in Prison, at the expense of taxpayers, sometimes with the chance to convert gullible short term inmates to their cause !

The ideal of soft EU Justice must change !  This extreme form of Islamism uses premeditated murder to conquer western countries !   It is a new form of War and the "soldiers" are not loving missionaries or the harmless worshippers of Allah !

The Penalty of Death must be re-introduced for all active  terrorists, whether they have killed or are only at the planning stage.  

Politicians only talk of closing frontiers, but why ? Some Terrorists are EU born !  They have the right to circulate !

What is needed is a totally committed EU "Terrorist-Tracking" Police Force !   That would be much more effective !