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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Monday, 17 July 2017


Many benefits are expected when electric cars are eventually mass produced.  The benefits are regularly highlighted worldwide by "green" political parties.  What is neglected is the havoc which will be caused by the regular production and development of electric cars !

Every electric car produced and sold logically means one less petrol driven car will be bought !   Will ALL current car producers then have a competitive electric replacement to maintain their own production lines ?   Or will they slowly be obliged to close their plants ?

There are Companies which have subsidiary production plants in several overseas countries !   Will these "subs" remain viable and in operation ?  

Electric cars need batteries, which will need recharging.  Will there be sufficient "recharging points" conveniently available everywhere, just like the petrol stations at present ?

Ultimately, will cars not be developed to have two batteries, one for current driving usage and one for recharging itself while the car is moving ?   Is this not THE ultimate future aim ? 

Finally, will Governments not lose an important amount of tax at present levied on Petrol for cars ?  Could they impose an equally heavy level of tax on Electric cars ?

Could there also not be havoc in the area of "Unemployment"  ?   Already Governments seek to reduce their overhead costs, but will they now also plan for the foregoing problems ?    Probably not !

They will leave that for their elected "successors" in the late 2020's  !  

Furthermore, Totalitarian Countries are perhaps better placed for long term planning.  They have fewer election problems. 



Friday, 7 July 2017


A meeting of all 28 EU Ministers of the Interior has taken place in Tallinn, the Capital city of Estonia, to discuss problems provoked by the increasing number of desperate "migrants" from Africa arriving on the shores of Italy.  

The number of migrants who perish at sea is also rising despite valiant international efforts.  BUT, how many active and rich "refugee smugglers" have been brought to justice ?  How many of their Vessels have been destroyed ?   Statistics are not often published ! 

Is the time still not yet ripe, for all the "Leaders" of the EU to meet, to formulate and adopt an Official Policy which selects and defines which Migrants are permitted to enter the EU ?

How can the EU pretend to be a "UNION" when external and interior Borders are not securely manned ?  Any migrant once in the EU has the freedom to circulate and settle anywhere.

Why do some countries refuse EU Migrants or new arrivals ?   Germany needs labourers for its factories, but does it also welcome relatives ?

Should the stay of Refugees from the Middle East War not be limited, to encourage them to return later to help  rebuild their country ?  

The EU alone cannot, without the active help of African and Middle East Countries, solve all these problems.  EU rules appear to be stop-gap solutions :  in fact, basic EU Rules and Principles enshrined in Treaties need to be updated and modernised, to permit the adoption of a comprehensive Policy on the control of Migrants.

When could one expect action on this question ?  This is not clear, because General Elections in Germany and Austria are imminent and will also take place in Italy next Spring !   No Leaders want to "rock the boat" !



Thursday, 6 July 2017


After its disappointing 2017 Presidential and General Election results, it would appear that the National Front (F N) could now abandon its fundamental Election Promise, to do a "FREXIT" !   At the time, this meant that France would "exit" the Eurozone and would then adopt a new French Franc as its currency, to ensure a more prosperous, economic future for France !

Neither Marine Le Pen nor Florian Philippot the vice President of FN, were capable of explaining the technical means to Electors of how France could leave the EU and successfully adopt the Franc !   Likewise the "Cost" of the operation of leaving the EU, was never explained either !

As early as January 6, 2017, the first of three articles in this Blog (1) forewarned FN leaders what to expect, if Electors were not informed how leaving the EU would be satisfactorily achieved !

During the "Inquest" by FN of what went wrong in the Elections, several other points will be raised but the FREXIT disaster should not be ignored !

(1)  - "FN must explain any "Frexit" hopes !", dated 6/1/2017.
      - "France : National Front (FN) makes 144 "Promises", dated 12/2/2017.
      - "Could France leave the EUROZONE ?", dated 3/5/2017.

Sunday, 25 June 2017


Although Russia elects its President and DUMA MPs, it is a Totalitarian Country.   The  Constitution ensures that the President can nominate 50% of the MPs ! 

Next year in March, the Presidential Election will take place and it seems that Putin already has fears that an "opposition" Candidate could stand against him. 

In particular, one such Candidate could be Alexei Navalny, a lawyer who is a well known anti-corruption leader.  He and his brother, have  already been imprisoned and he was again arrested recently, because he "caused disturbances" while addressing supporters !

Putin is a very rich man according to the Forbes List estimations (70 billion Dollars), which is not bad for a Politician !   This riles Navalny and all his supporters.

It is quite clear Navalny still runs the risk of more "punishment" on trumped-up charges to prevent him standing as a candidate for the Presidency in March.

Earlier this month, June 2017, film of violent Police repression of Navalny supporters could be seen on the Internet.  Last year reports indicated that there were revolts in 80 Russian Cities.  This number must now be nearer 160 !

Also, if ever Navalny is prevented from standing as a candidate against Putin, certainly numerous other city leaders could replace him !

But is Putin hesitating ?   He has not yet said he intends to stand !  In fact, can he really be sure to win ?



Wednesday, 21 June 2017


The short statement below shows the impact of the 2017 "Macron Tsunami" on other Party MPs in the French Parliamentary Assembly :

                                                        2012        2017

       Socialist Party                           258           30
       National Front Party                     2             8
       Communist Party                        11           10
       Unsubdued Party                        11            17
       The Republicans                       193          130

       Macron "en marche" Party           0          308
       MoDem Party                                 2            42

       Sundry others                            100            32
                                                          ____          ____
           Total number of MPs             577           577

In just over one year Macron, who had been the Adviser of President Hollande, founded his Party, was elected   President of France and then his Party alone obtained a Majority in the National Assembly !

One says that success breeds success !  This is clearly what happened here, as the Statement above reveals, but it also resulted in the destruction of the two former traditional Parties which had taken turns in Governing France, since the creation of the 5th Republic by De Gaule in 1958 !

Electors had heard all the reasons why taxes were escalating and costs were rising, but after the desasterous Presidency of Hollande French Electors all wanted a complete change !   Macron promised he would change France ! 

When he became the new President, Macron promised Equality of the Sexes in politics and a new Moral Code in politics .  In his new "en Marche" Party there were more than 200 neophyte Candidates !   Voters flocked to back his party !

This is only a part of the Macron Tsunami effect and it has not yet ended.   

Even today, the third day after the General Election, four Ministers have either resigned or not been retained in the Government due to the new Moral Code.  

We must patiently wait to see what happens next ! 




Sunday, 18 June 2017


After five years of the catastrophic Presidency by Fran├žois Hollande, the vote has confirmed that Electors really do want a fundamental political change in the way the country has been governed.

Hollande failed to stem rising Unemployment, increased Taxes and National Debt, stifled Industry with rising Social Costs and finally incurred the wrath of Trade Unions !

The General Election vote today also reveals that he has completely destroyed the Socialist Party which had 279 MPs 5 years ago, but now will have only about 34 when final figures are available.

The turn out of Electors today is about 43.4%, which is even lower than last Sunday when 48.7% voted.  Does this mean that the French have lost all faith in politics ?

Today the "En Marche Party" created by  President Macron, has a commanding Majority in the National Assembly with about 355 MPs.   His recent election, to replace Hollande, has inspired Electors who seek a change !  
The way President Macron has performed since his Election has been well accepted.   He now has the chance and the time to make his mark by "changing  France as it is now" !