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Thursday, 17 May 2018


In 2015 Angela Merkel the German Chancellor, took pity on the plight of the refugees fleeing from the war-torn Middle East.  As there was a shortage of skilled labour in Germany for its industries, she invited SKILLED refugees to come there !

Millions of Refugees, some with members of their family, suddenly arrived on E U borders aiming to reach Germany.   Stricter Border Controls then had to be introduced.

Now Jeremy Corbyn wants to lift all immigrant restrictions preventing entry into Britain !  Why ? 

Does Corbyn not realise that such a "heaven sent" Policy would liberate the EU of ALL its unwanted immigrants ?  The EU would certainly also provide Boats on stand by in Calais to ensure a speedy transfer of all unwanted visitors to Dover !

Even if Corbyn now has afterthoughts and cancels this idea, because it is not a "Vote catcher", could one trust him afterwards ?  With his Communist left-wing background, could he ever become the typical Prime Minister British Voters would want to elect ?




Wednesday, 16 May 2018


En cas de vente d'un lot en copropriété, comment se répartit la charge financière des travaux déjà votés avant la vente mais non encore payés ?

Depuis le 1er septembre 2004, la règle est simple: "le paiement des provisions des dépenses non comprises dans le budget prévisionnel incombe à celui, vendeur ou acquéreur, qui est propriétaire  au moment de l'exigibilité" (décret du 27 mai 2004, art.5 modifiant le décret du 17 mars 1967).  On ne tient donc pas compte de la date à laquelle les travaux ont été votés.

Par exemple, des travaux de réfection des escaliers ont été votés en mai 2017.   4 appels de fonds de 1000 euros ont été prévus les 1er Mai, 1er Juillet, 1er Septembre et 1er Novembre 2018 ; les travaux doivent débuter en Septembre 2018.
Monsieur G vend son appartement à la date du 15 juin.  Il sera tenu de verser l'appel de fonds du 1er mai mais les suivants seront à la charge de l'acquéreur.

Attention, ces dispositions ne sont pas d'ordre public.  D'un commun accord, vendeur et acheteur peuvent y déroger dans le compromis de vente et dans l'acte de vente et fixer une répartition différente;  par exemple, vendeur et acheteur peuvent prévoir que le financement des travaux sera à la seule charge du vendeur, quel que soit la date de l'appel.  Si tel est le cas, Monsieur G sera redevable des appels de fonds des 1er Juillet, 1er Septembre et 1er Novembre .

Toutefois un tel accord est sans effet à l' égard du syndicat des copropriétaires.  Le syndic réclamera les fonds à celui qui est propriétaire au moment de l'appel.  A charge pour le notaire de prélever, sur le montant de la vente, les sommes que le vendeur s'est contractuellement engagé à payer !



Wednesday, 9 May 2018


"Killer Drugs" are illegally supplied in "no-go areas" of some EU countries.   EU Newspaper articles reveal the problems that ensue but seldom the effect of any preventive measures in place.   

There are only rare articles of successful prosecutions of "Drug Lords" who import or "grow" their own "killer drugs", or of their "retailer agents" who control "no-go areas" to ensure a regular supply to their addicted customers !

This is a "World" problem but to find a practical solution one should only start locally, on an EU basis, to control known foreign EU suppliers.

If each EU Foreign Minister identifies the countries which benignly permit the production and exportation of "killer drugs" to their country, the EU could then totally ban ALL trade with each of those countries as a sanction ! 

In addition, to deter anyone from becoming involved in the chain of supplying drugs, the punishment which anyone found guilty can expect, should be stiffened and standardised in all EU countries. 


Monday, 7 May 2018


Not for the first time in Paris, Louts with Hoods over their heads and faces, to prevent them being identified, infiltrated a Trade Unionist May day procession of  workers .   

These Louts then created havoc by destroying shops and cafés even fighting-off attempts by the Police to restore order !

Only 109 of an estimated 1200 "hooligans" that day were detained !   Why ?  Were the Police not prepared for what happened ?

Is the current legislation sufficiently strict to permit the Police to act promptly ?  If not then it should be corrected and stiffened !   Or were the police patiently awaiting orders from the Ministry of the Interior ?          

The wearing of "Hoods in Processions" or when there are public disturbances, must be banned !  Activists should be arrested on the spot and be  detained ! 


Friday, 4 May 2018


Le President Macron vient d'annoncer vouloir supprimer l' "exit taxe" mise en place par Nicolas Sarkozy pour freiner l'exil fiscal des français qui possèdent une entreprise ou un important patrimoine en actions ; et de justifier ainsi cette mesure, en déclarant dans le magazine americain "Forbes" : "les gens sont libres d'investir comme ils le souhaitent"...

Notre Président n'en est pas à une contradiction près !

Ceux qui ont choisi d'investir dans l'immobilier, locatif ou pas, ne sont ils pas moins bien traités que ceux qui investissent dans la finance ?

Avoirs financiers et  Yachts sont en effet désormais exclus de l'assiette de l'ISF devenu ISFI (impôt sur la fortune immobilière), ce qui avantage les "très riches"  (cf notre article du 11 mars dernier).  

En revanche maintenir la résidence principale dans l'assiette de l'impôt sur la fortune immobilière continue de pénaliser de nombreux propriétaires parisiens.

Alors, libre d'investir comme on le souhaite ?  Oui mais à ses risques et périls !

Thursday, 3 May 2018


It seems that for several months the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the F A, Martin Glenn, has been in talks with Shahid Khan who wants to buy the Wembley Football Stadium and its operating activities, for a Billion US Dollars !

How long would Wembley survive as a renowned center of football when the new owners find a better return with another type of operation ? 

If the F A sell the renowned Wembley  stadium they are in fact selling the Crown Jewels of English Football ! 

At the same time is it not also an admission that the Executives of the F A  do not know how to make a profit from running a Football Stadium ?   Do they not know anyone who could be consulted  for advice ?

Even if selling Wembley solves all their financial problems, the sales price must be justified !   Is it too low ? Where would the National England team play its international games and at what cost ?

The Football Association should remember the fate of the famous old White City stadium which was built to host the 1908 Olympic Games.   It was demolished in 1985 and it now houses part of the BBC and a Commercial center !  



Wednesday, 2 May 2018


A normally peaceful Mayday Procession, which this year was clearly lead by striking Trade Unionists, was suddenly infiltrated by 1200 hooded Rioters ; they were hellbent on nothing else but destruction !   

Shops and cars were damaged by fires, blocks were unearthed from roads to provide "amunition". Apparently the Rioters were not only French or residents from all over France ; some had even come from abroad.
Later, a violent confrontation with the Police took place in the 5th district of Paris (near Pont d'Austerlitz), after which 109 activists were detained.  But the initial standoff by the Police, witnessed on T V by viewers, has been criticised ! 

The authority of the State had been tested and found wanting.  As for the Prime Minister, he was happy and relieved that there were only a few minor physical injuries and damaged materials !   During all this time President Macron was and still is in Australia on a State Visit !

Further processions are scheduled in the next few days and weeks !    Will the Government be able to guarantee and ensure that they will be orderly and peaceful, without any major "incidents"?