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Saturday, 21 April 2018


When President Macron was elected he promised to "change France" !   It was  very evident to electors that "changes"  were needed !

Previous Presidents of France in fact lacked the courage to make the necessary but unpopular changes.

A typical example of what Macron "inherited" and which has become the first major problem he is now solving, concerns the SNCF, the French National Railway System !

In the "World of Business" when a Group or a Company fails to perform as expected and makes losses instead of profits, experts are appointed to identify the causes and to propose the necessary  solutions !  This is similar to the way in which Macron is tackling situations.

Macron is now facing the wrath of Trade Unions : three days of strikes in the rail system have been organised for every  week until the end of June 2018 !   On the 22nd of May a strike by the Civil Service has been announced and Students are trying to block the universities...

But Macron has confirmed that he is determined to continue and to finish what he promised electors he would do.



Wednesday, 18 April 2018


Western Allies destroyed the sites in Syria where Chemical Weapons and Poisons were produced or stocked.   In the debates which followed in Britain, Corbyn's true, extreme left, leanings of 20 years ago again surfaced ! 

Traditionally the Socialist Party is left of centre and the majority of its Voters have never been "extremist" left !   But, it seems Corbyn, the current Socialist Party leader, prefers to ignore the existence  of any such problem !

What would happen if Corbyn led the Socialists to victory at the next General Election ?  Would all Socialists back him in House of Commons votes ?

Is there no one else in the Socialist Party who could lead a breakaway Group to ensure the future of the traditional Socialist/Labour Party ?   


Monday, 16 April 2018


After the strikes against Syria by the Western Alliance of the USA, France and Britain, it seems there is now a fear that Russia could start a Cyber Attack in a revenge move !

Putin has already condoned such activity in the past !  If now he goes further and on a larger scale,  this could be a very bad move in the game of Political Chess, at which he is a Grand Master !

Other countries would quickly join the Western Alliance (like in 1939) !   Their impact would also not be limited to playing only Cyber Knock-out games !   World tensions against Russia would increase !

The Russian Economy is already weak and suffers from Western sanctions : these could also be quickly reinforced !



Sunday, 15 April 2018


After the Air Strikes destroyed buildings in Syria where chemical armes were produced and stocked, there was an immediate explosion of joy and relief by the "Triumvirate" (USA - France - GB)      

Is this not premature ?  How can anyone be sure that more strikes will not be necessary ?  Will the "Triumvirate" then not need more allies and supporters ?    

1)  Was ALL the stock of Syrian Chemical Armes destroyed, or was it moved elsewhere before the Air Strikes ? 
2)  Are there other locations in Syria which need to be destroyed because they could hold or produce Chemical Armes ?
3)  Russia also produces and has stocks of Chemical armes : they were used recently in the UK in an attempted murder of a turncoat Russian spy named Skripal and Yulia !    
4)  Would Syria's close ally Russia, not provide Assad with Chemical Armes he may need ?  A Russian army is already present in Syria !    

If Assad has lost ALL his stock in the attack, then Putin has enough stocks to help him ! 
Assad is na├»ve but expedient the way he uses Chemical Weapons to exterminate masses of his civilians in Syria because they oppose him, but Putin is his mentor and backer !  He wants and needs a foothold for Russia in the Mediterranean Basin !


Friday, 13 April 2018


After a lengthy Cabinet Meeting yesterday, Prime Minister Theresa May announced that Britain was prepared to join the USA and other countries, in attacks against Bashar al Assad and Syria.

Bashar al Assad has used chemical weapons on several occasions to kill citizens who are opposed to the way he rules his country !  These are blatant "crimes against humanity".

Assad has the benevolent backing of Putin who at present still denies that chemicals were used by Russia in an attempted assassination in Britain of a "turncoat" Russian Spy ! 

The immediate reaction in Britain was that Theresa May should have awaited the result of a debate in Parliament !  BUT, is this reasonable ?   To justify her decision, must she also reveal all her secret details and those of the USA ? 

 But there could be a debate in the House of Commons and why not also in the House of Lords so that the World learns what the protection of Human Rights means !  

Those "for or against" should be heard and explain their reasons !    This could also be a perfect opportunity for Jeremy Corbin to present the Socialist point of view !


Thursday, 12 April 2018


Sepp Blatter, the President of FIFA from 1998 to 2015, was then banned by FIFA for six years until 2021 for alleged improper payments.

It was while Blatter was President in 2010, that  FIFA voted for Russia to host the 2018 World Cup.
Now, at the ripe old age of 82, Blatter has suddenly surfaced, to criticise the decision of the current Administration of FIFA, because it intends to introduce VAR (Video Assistance for Referees) at the World Cup Finals in June 2018. 

Currently he has no official functions in FIFA, so criticising the introduction of VAR at the coming World Cup will fall on deaf ears !  

But, Blatter has a personal invitation from President Putin to attend the World Cup Finals in June !  Whether these Finals will, as usual, be a big success is now a doubt !

After the recent international outcries against Syria and Russia, for their abuses of Human Rights, will  ALL the countries qualified for the World Cup still want to go to Russia ?  



Tuesday, 10 April 2018


All current reports highlight the devastating results of the War in Syria and the use of "gasses not bullets" by the countries involved !   The sickening sights of trapped and starving civilians who seek to join the throngs of fleeing refugees to find safety abroad, is heartbreaking.

However, never is there any mention of which Countries or its Leaders will pay the cost of rebuilding Syria after the War, to permit the return of its citizens !  The Human Rights of citizens are never mentioned by either Russia or Syria ! 

After the war is over, both Putin and Bashar al Assad will certainly want to preserve at least the current frontiers of their countries.  In the case of Russia this means it will also want to keep Crimea ! 

Likewise, at the moment Organisations like UNO and NATO and the EU seem to prefer not to be involved !   And Putin and Bashar, they are fighting only to preserve their Status Quo !