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Wednesday, 17 January 2018


During the last 40 years in France the ever growing lack of sufficient prison cells has been deftly ignored by all  Presidents and all political Parties.

Reports and statistics on Prisons lack precision and this prevents any meaningful comparisons from one era to the next.  There is however one certainty : some leading prisons in France are now overcrowded by 40%.

Any simple solution, like just building more prisons, would never solve all the needs or create a modern Prison System on a National basis.   A complete inventary of all weaknesses is therefore required.

Just a few critical weaknesses immediately reveal the extent of this serious problem :

1 -  Long term and short term prisoners are detained in the same prisons, terrorists there indoctrinate other prisoners, 
2 - Prison cells built for 1 or 2 occupants house 2 or 3,  
3 - Security in prisons is weak : drugs, phones, knives etc. are smuggled in and are traded among inmates,
4 - Prison warders are attacked and their morale is low,
5 - To avoid overcrowding shorter prison terms are imposed  and earlier remissions of sentences are accorded !

President Macron has vowed to change France in many respects and last week turned his attention to the problems faced by French prisons !   Some guardes have gone on strike after having been attacked by prisoners.

To find a solution may take a little time, but Macron wants to be seen as a man of action !   




Saturday, 13 January 2018


A desperate Angela Merkel worked hard to retain her "job" as Chancellor of Germany, after she had been dropped by her former Coalition partners.   Yesterday they reached agreement on the main conditions for another Coalition "deal" !

What conditions will Merkel be obliged to accept finally in a new deal with Martin Schulz and his SPD party ?  How will this affect not only German Politics but also future EU Policies and EU Treaties ?  These key points still need to be ironed out.  

The outline deal will have to be approved by the SPD delegates and later by the Party members.   A new Government for Germany is expected to be anounced in March.    

In 2015 after Merkel's spontaneous "open-armed welcome" to miserable refugees fleeing the Middle East war, EU countries were flooded with more than a million immigrants.  Germany willingly selected huge numbers of qualified workers which it needed for its factories.

However, electors in many EU countries, including those in Germany, now want less immigrants.   Added to this there is also the wish that EU frontiers are closed to improve National Security. 

Can and will Merkel satisfy all the wishes of both German and EU electors ?



Friday, 12 January 2018

Tuesday, 9 January 2018


In the General Election on September 24, 2017 the two main Coalition Parties in Germany lost 105 MPs (SPD - 40 and CDU - 65).  The AfD (Alternative Party for Germany) gained 94 seats and the FDP (Free Democratic Party) gained 80 seats.  

Martin Schulz (SPD), the Social Democratic Party leader, announced that the Party wanted to reorganise and no longer wanted to be part of another Coalition.   Angela Merkel, the Leader of the Christian Democrats and the German Chancellor, was therefore obliged to seek other partners for a new Coalition, but all her attempts failed.

Then suddenly Schulz proposed that he and Merkel should open new discussions !  The real question now is to know what will change in their new Policies if they do agree to form another Coalition ?

One issue is not negotiable : Merkel certainly will want to retain her position as Chancellor !   

However, certain issues must be addressed in view of the firm swing in the Election against the Coalition.  For example :   Less but also selective Immigration,  Better external EU Border Controls, Better and more secure EU Defence Systems particularly against Terrorism, Taxation and Redistribution Policies in Germany.....

Finally, if there is no agreement between Merkel and Schulz, President Steinmeier will be obliged to propose another General Election !   If THAT is the case, it will probably result in further losses for each of the Coalition Partners !




Wednesday, 3 January 2018


While EU Politicians are happy and proud to announce the defeat of the Islamic State in the Middle East War, they seem to ignore the fact that their Electors and EU Citizens are still preoccupied about where and when the next Islamic Terrorist attack will take place ! 

Daily there are Press reports of how planned attacks by Islamic cells in the EU have been foiled due to the diligence of the Police and Security forces !    BUT, sooner or later comes the news that an attack by terrorists has successfully killed more innocent citizens !    In some cases the terrorists were "known to the Police" !

Then come the statistics and explanations !  Prisons are overflowing with Terrorist suspects and there are even known cells where other "simple" prisoners are indoctrinated by Islamists serving long term sentences !

Is this acceptable ?   Should normal innocent citizens and taxpayers be exposed to the risk of attacks by Terrorists who have the intention to kill as many people as possible and to destroy property ? Should taxpayers be expected to pay to keep them alive in Prison ?

The principles of the EU forbid the execution of "murderers" !   And, are  EU Borders "totally secure" at all times ?  Should all "Visitors" not have documented permission to enter a country or the EU ?

In fact, should ALL persons, who are proved to have actively participated in a project of mass killings, not face the Death Penalty ?   Could such a law not also make some people think twice and also become a "deterrent" ?


Sunday, 31 December 2017


In the last General Election in Germany in September 2017 no Political Party obtained a Majority of the votes.   Once again another Coalition of Parties is needed to form a new Government. 

Since 2001 Angela Merkel has repeatedly been chosen as Chancellor by her Party or a Coalition, to rule in Germany.  During this period she had also, as the German representative, been very active in EU politics. 

Now everyone waits and watches her vain attempts to form another Coalition.   Is there no one else in Germany but Angela Merkel who wants to be Chancellor ?   When will President Steinmeier declare that another General Election should be held ?

Germans are not alone waiting for such urgent action !   The European Union, with its 29 Member countries, also needs the active participation of Germany, to solve urgent current problems.

The EU at present is at a standstill, in spite of the current problems of BREXIT, Refugees and Immigration, Terrorism in EU member countries, the Middle East war,....  

After BREXIT could there be other "EXITS" by non-Eurozone countries ?

President Steinmeier has the power to solve the problem inside Germany, but EU problems also need a solution !  Those are the responsibility of the European Council of Leaders, of which he is also the representative for Germany, but can he really officially speak for Germany before it has a Government ?





Thursday, 21 December 2017