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Tuesday, 19 September 2017


THE BREXIT issue has created Chaos for both sides in the negotiations, between the EU and Britain ! 

Basically one can question whether the BREXIT issue was launched before either side was really ready.

On the EU side one can even question whether anyone there really knows how the EU will evolve during the coming years ! 

In particular, the "revealing" remarks by Jean-Claude Juncker last week, that every EU country must adopt the EURO as its currency, was typical of his previous unguarded assertions.  His statement was immediately watered down by Angela Merkel.  She at present is fighting for her re-election as Chancellor of Germany. The General Election is this coming weekend ! 

Juncker's idea of the ultimate type of EU seems to be like one Country with one currency with omnipotent and centralised powers to rule.  The current type of EU already allows each non EURO Country to manage its currency and allows all countries significant local powers to tax and run their countries.

Several EU countries like Britain, do not want to adopt the EURO as their currency.  This is one important reason why Juncker wants Britain out of the EU as soon as possible but ..... not before having paid an astronomic Financial penalty to get out !

BREXIT is also causing chaos in Britain for other reasons.   Theresa May was chosen as Prime Minister after the unexpected and close majority for BREXIT in the Referendum vote.  She immediately adopted this divine mission and is fervently negotiating, to get Britan out of the EU but also to reduce the astronomic cost of the leaving penalties demanded by the EU.

Alas, the popularity of Theresa May and that of the Conservative Party, has slumped.  Does May ever hear or listen to the people around her who are having second thoughts about BREXIT !  In fact, is there now in Britain still a majority in favour of leaving the EU ?

But, to survive the EU must now quickly update its Treaties :  there is an urgent clamour for this to be done.  The main bones of contention are Immigration, Terrorism and the Insecurity in the EU, all provoked by the Islamic State aggression in the Middle East ! 

Finally, it is high time for Brussels to define the form of the future EU it proposes to adopt !   After that, will there still be a BREXIT and/or other EXITS ?




Monday, 18 September 2017


Un jour qu’il visitait une « Administration », Clemenceau qui n’était pas tendre avec les fonctionnaires dit aux officiels qui l’accompagnaient : « Parlons bas, nous pourrions les réveiller » !
*** J’espère que les fonctionnaires qui vont recevoir ce dessin ont suffisamment d’humour pour accepter cette plaisanterie. Dans le cas contraire je les invite à rechercher sur internet la méthode  de pliage qui permet de réaliser de magnifiques cocottes en papier.


Sunday, 17 September 2017


The BREXIT request by Britain to leave the EU has a cost which must be negotiated, but the UK is prepared to pay.  However, should adjustments  not be made to this cost for the policies which British electors found unacceptable when they voted in the Referendum to leave the EU ? 

It would be foolish for Britain to accept, or for the EU to want to impose a Financial Penalty if, as soon as Britain has paid and left the EU, Treaties are changed to prevent further "EXITS" by other EU countries !

There are several situations where clear notes should provide for a reimbursement if ultimately Treaties are changed.   The obvious ones concern the Rules for Immigration and the Freedom of movement in the EU ! 

Judging from published comments, the EU and in particular its Head of the European Commission,  Jean-Claude Juncker, may not appreciate these observations !

Albeit, but in the serious World of Business the Rules of Equity must be applied ! 




The age old justification from Victorian times that natives born in Britain do not need an Identity Card,  because they are known in their Community, is no longer valid or acceptable in the modern Britain of today !

One of the main justifications underlying the BREXIT VOTE was the wish to control and reduce immigration from the EU and elsewhere.   That is easy !  One can refuse entry if identity documentation is not acceptable.

However, does Britain really have the PRACTICAL means to verify easily the identity of everyone already living there ?  How many visitors have overstayed their "temporary entry" ?   Where do they live ?  How many are working on the black market or living on their wits ?   Also, for example, is a voter the same person that was registered on the electoral list ?

Furthermore, to travel abroad Passports are generally required, but identity cards could  facilitate re-entry and also contain additional information like an identity number for tax purposes.

Theresa May, the Prime Minister, must seriously weigh the pros and cons of issuing Identity Cards, particularly if she really wants and intends to control immigration !



Saturday, 16 September 2017


The next significant event in the EU is the German Election on September 24, 2017 which will decide whether Angela Merkel retains her post as Chancellor.

This will also indicate whether there is any NEW hope that the EU could finally start updating its Treaties, by changing some of the old basic principles which no longer defend EU citizens in this changing World ! 

Merkel and Germany seem to want the EU to become one political unity with one Government !   BUT would such an objective really suit all the 28 member countries of the EU ?   At present this does not seem to be the case.

The Rules being applied concerning Immigrants or Migrants or Refugees from the Middle East or elsewhere are far from satisfactory.  

Should all external frontiers of the EU not be policed to increase the security of EU citizens, particularly now when Terrorists are so active ?    Who should secure either the internal or external frontiers of the EU ?

In fact, is the principle of the Freedom of Movement in the EU of goods or persons, still tenable as it is at present defined in Treaties ?

Finally, is "BREXIT" not a good reason to update Treaties ?   Or will this only be done when Britain has "PAID" a punitive price to leave ?  


Thursday, 14 September 2017

Saturday, 9 September 2017