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Monday, 23 October 2017


Sir Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary, talks tough about British Subjects who have volunteered to become Jihadist fighters (or "cannon-fodder") !   He intends to withdraw their British Passports to prevent them from returning to Britain to live !

The simple fact is that they have committed TREASON by joining the Islamic State troops.  This crime used to be punished with death, but that has now been replaced with the costly modern alternative of imprisonment for life ! 

The Islamic State has organised attrocities not only in Britain but in all EU countries and World-wide !  

Therefore the EU must also act !   It has strangled its member countries with countless acts and edicts but neglects totally all problems connected with the security of its citizens !   BREXIT is one of the consequences, but other "EXITS" can be expected if nothing changes !




Sunday, 22 October 2017


When not enough convincing evidence of an aggression, sexual or otherwise, is readily available, the Police are reluctant to pursue enquiries.    This is particularly true in the case of sexual aggressions when no third party is present !

The current Weinstein scandal in the Film Industry, has provoked countless discussions and articles in the Press all over the World.  Revelations also state that due to their contacts some well known Public Personalities, Politicians and "Bosses" in industry, have  escaped prosecution or even answering awkward questions.

Sometimes, if not before their death, the truth is sudddenly revealed.   What is never made public are the identities of who blocked the prosecution of a simple or habitual sexual offender !   Usually the reason given by the Police is that there was not enough evidence for a prosecution !

When young girls or women are sexually abused they are ashamed and in shock : it is then they need the help of a friend, but they are alone and have no witnesses !

In view of the foregoing, even if a centralised Computer File is created, as this Blog has already suggested (1), would all the Police stations register ALL complaints on standard forms ?   But, would the Police then also act if  enough evidence is found to justify a prosecution ? 

The simple announcement that such a register has been created would definitely comfort women and help to ensure their basic right not to be molested against their will ! 

(1) Read : "Stop sexual aggressions by the boss !"



Wednesday, 18 October 2017


The numerous accusations of sexual abuse in the current Weinstein Saga, have now provoked articles in the International Press about VIPs who in the past had been suspected of sexual abuse, but who were never prosecuted, because the evidence against them was considered "unsound" ! 

There have been cases like this all over the World.  It is only after their death, when it is too late for justice, that the real truth is revealed, of how and why the VIP was protected by an anonimous person !

This Blog has already proposed (1) that a register should be made available where "secret" abuse complaints could be filed at a local Police station.   In the case of VIPs, would such complaints not sytematically "get lost" or disappear ?  Would that then not always be due to a "hacker" ?

These problems remain and must be solved !

(1) Read : Stop sexual aggressions by the "Boss" !





Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Monday, 16 October 2017


Daily press reports of alleged sexual abuse, provoked by the ongoing Weinstein saga, also highlight the lack of efficient laws to protect any of the victims.

What can the Victims do when the sexual aggresser  is  their boss or in a dominant position and often well known ?

Young girls in particular fear losing their jobs.  Victims  often do not have any real creditable evidence and no witness and are too timid to reveal the murky details of what happened !

Habitual aggressors know this : they operate against the consent of their victims and have no fear of prosecution.

Without "clear evidence" the Police at present will not and cannot act.  There is however a way to identify, catch and ultimately punish these "long term Aggressors" !
A centralised Police Computor File should be officially established in every country.   Aggressed victims could then secretly complete standardised reports in their local police station.   Such a file would quickly reveal the identification of long term habitual attackers, even those operating on an "international" basis.
Publication of the existence of such a file would also serve as a deterrent and would definitely provide more security and justice for victims !




Saturday, 14 October 2017


Anne Hildago the current Socialist Mayoress of Paris   has a "clean air in 2030" plan (or dream)  for the French Capital : replacing petrol and diesel cars with electric cars. 

She is now confronted not only by her political opponents but also by the citizens of Paris, not to speak of the growing anxieties in surrounding suburbs !  

No details of her plans for 2030, nor the costs, have been made public.   Contractors will be required but who will bear the costs, only Parisien Rate-payers ?   What is the time Schedule leading up to 2030 for all aspects of her proposals ?

Which "electric vehicles" are concerned, only cars or also motor-bikes, lorries, coaches and buses ?  What about Police Cars, Ambulances, Tourist vehicles, VIP and CD cars ?   Will there still be taxis in Paris ?

If petrol stations are to be phased out, where will vehicles be able to plug-in for electricity ?  How long will it take to recharge a Car Battery and what autonomy will Cars have ?  More than 100 or 150 Kilometers ?

The additional electricity requirements for Paris alone would probably necessitate building a special Power Station !   If drivers must travel long distances, in France or abroad, will "plug-ins" be readily available ?  

There is, however, a simple alternative to avoid all these problems.  Ban all Cars, Motor-bikes and Buses in Paris and provide free travel on the Underground !  This would mean building Carparks on the fringe of the Capital, but parking charges could pay for the free Underground !

Paris Citizens would also be relieved, delighted even !   At present, much to the discomfort of pedestrians, Motor-bikes litter pavements everywhere, but parking tickets are never issued !  That would be too costly to ensure, but also it would be a vote-loser at the very next Election !