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Monday, 26 October 2009


The problem Sir Alex Ferguson cannot resolve is how to controle the people who run and organise English Football, and they in turn do not know how to controle Sir Alex Ferguson.

People are sick of the fact that every time Manchester United play football and do not win, you can bet your last dime that Sir Alex will have a public rant about the referee. He just cannot understand that his bunch of angels can be beaten fair and square every now and then, simply because the other team is also a professional outfit and better on the day.

The real problem is what can be done to gag Sir Alex so that he behaves like other normal managers, who do not systematically criticise the referee when a decision goes against their team. Sir Alex should have been gagged years ago, but nobody in authority seems to have had enough courage to tackle the problem seriously.

When Sir Alex warns people about the problems he expects in the forthcoming match, frequently with references to previous encounters, it is nothing less than an incitement to create a difficult atmosphere for the referees, the players of the other team and their supporters. Sir Alex would probably glibly defend himself by saying it is gamesmanship. That may be the true but it is only half the story; such talk is an incitement which creates public disturbances.

Can anyone imagine what would happen if Arsene Wenger or Rafael Benitez or half a dozen other top class managers in the Premiership all started ranting and abusing the referee because their team had not won !!! People would be fighting and the police would have to step in !!!

Yes, the police would act !!! They would do what is in their powers and in the end they could and would obtain ASBO's against delinquents. They cannot, however, lay their hands on the person who encourages these "yobs". Catching this fish is like fishing with bare hands !!!

So if this problem is not addressed what will happen ? Sir Alex will continue as heretofore. As if nothing had ever happened. The members of the Football Association will hum and ha and will be happy to bank their remuneration, until their next re-election to the board.

The Referees Association, which has never really been very vocivourous nor critical of Managers who attack their members, will also hum and ha !!! They too, would just be happy if this whole problem could just go away !!!

So what is the solution ? One should apply the law !!! When "YOBS" are apprehended for instigating or participating in disturbances they are quickly dealt with. For repetitive offences they are served with ASBO's - Anti-
Social Behaviour Orders.

The terms of these orders vary; many ensure that the convict must report to a police station and cannot be freed before the end of the match. In the case of Sir Alex Ferguson this should mean solitary confinement without a television.

Sunday, 25 October 2009


Before Sir Alex Ferguson starts bleeting about the referee and his scandalous misjudgements during the game, I will say that I cannot understand why Rio Ferdinand was not sent off after Fernando Torres managed to score the first liverpool goal. Ferdinand tackled from behind, was never anywhere near the ball and was deliberately trying to knock Torres off his balance.

At the very least a yellow card would have been amply merited. I fully understand the advantage rule, but it does not mean that when a goal is scored foul play should not be punished.

Friday, 23 October 2009


When politicians want to explain something, they manage to pull out of their hats all the statistics imaginable to support their proposed course of action.

When politicians do not want to talk about something, they just say that the figures necessary for a reply are not available. They do not then say "I'll ask one of our thousands of government employees to prepare a reply".

The Queen's soldiers, for example, are regularly highlighted in reports when they fall in action !!! When they are killed they enter into the statistics of the "dead in action". As far as I am aware, as a member of the public, this is the only statistic which is regularly reported on and updated.

What I want to know is how many soldiers have been wounded in battle, in Afghanistan, Irak and elsewhere since the New Labour Party was elected. Some injuries have been horrific; now and again one sees reports in the newspapers. Some injuries are less spectacular and because of this are not commented on in the press. Again, some injuries are, happily, forgotten because they were minor.

I can understand that the Government does not like Questions on the cost of these wounded soldiers. However, such statistics must be available even if they are not published. How can you run a company or a country without knowing where costs paid, come from ?

Soldiers invalided out of Army Service are provided for. This is all part of their "contract" to fight for our Nation. Are these costs conveniently lost in the cost of National Pensions, or in the National Health costs ? Are these costs so anonymous because politicians do not want to really know ?

Electors and taxpayers want answers to these Questions. How many wounded soldiers are there, long term, medium term and short term ? Where are the costs, how much ? What are the costs of widows' pensions?

The only statistic regularly published, the number of dead, does not even reveal the number of broken hearts behind the information !!! The parents, the siblings, the widows and the children.......

Monday, 19 October 2009


Certain British MP's want to plead "Parliamentary Priviledge" to prevent prosecution for "theft" concerning unjustified expense claims !!! What next ?

The way I have always understood the rule concerning "Parliamentary Priviledge" is that MP's cannot be sued in the courts for what they say in debates in the House of Commons. This rule enables and ensures honest and fearless debates.

The MP's concerned, who have made dubious expense claims and who now, unashamedly, want to bend Parliamentary rules, to avoid the public disgrace of a prosecution for theft, have never understood what being an MP is all about !!!

Their electors will certainly have taken note of their greed.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009


When they are candidates to become the local Member of Parliament for a constituency, they present themselves as people of the highest integrity and they swear that their sole aim is to improve the living standards of their electorate. They promise the world will change !!!

What then happened in Britain is not really so exceptional in this world. The electorate suddenly discovered that MPs were voting themselves higher salaries and higher guaranteed pensions. This was after having set up rules (not laws) covering what expenses could be claimed by MPs.

The next discovery for electors was that questionable expense claims had been made and paid. Really, had no one ever queried anything ?

So much so for their pious election promises !!!  Their greed is now there for all to see on the internet. Not just a few MPs but more than 600 of them.  The hapless Speaker of the House of Commons was forced to resign and was kicked upstairs (in accordance with tradition) to the House of Lords where he has become known as Lord Martin of Springburn.

Gordon Brown ordered an audit of the situation and this was organised by Sir Thomas Clegg.  Following the revelations in his report, Gordon Brown wants all MPs to repay unjustified expenses ! 

He has, however, been met with a blunt refusal from a certain number of MPs who plead that the "House Rules"  (not the law which governs electors) on expenses were not clear. It is therefore not their fault !!! A certain number of MPs no longer care anyway; they already know they will not be re-elected at the next General Election.
Simply said Tax payers and Non-tax payers on the breadline all think the MPs involved are thieves.  MPs pontificate to get themselves elected but do not really understand the difference between right and wrong !

The basic rule about expenses is that they should be reimbursed, but the claimant should not make a profit. This is the normal rule in the business world !

This whole sorry mess in fact, reflects badly on ALL politicians, who are ALL being tarred with the same brush, even those who have not lined their pockets like little thieves.

This is the last straw for the old Socialists and for the New Labour Party, who are all reeling, but in particular  for Gordon Brown. He no longer knows where, or to whom, to turn to next.

Tony Blair, on the other hand got out in time, but has other skeletons in his private cupboard ! 


Monday, 12 October 2009


New Labour are at it again. They are jealous and they do not like the slightest bit of criticism. They do not like hearing the truth.

A few weeks ago a frustrated Judge Ian Trigger accused the Government of failing to control illegal immigrants. As a result he is facing a probe. If he had praised his paymasters, the Labour Government would certainly not have said anything.

Now General Sir Richard Dannatt is the object of their spite and venom again. Again, because the first time General Dannatt presented Gordon Brown with a list of equipment he wanted for his troops in Afghanistan. The immediate reaction was to query and scrutinise his expense claims like no MP's expenses have ever been scrutinised. Alas for them, they drew a blanc. His expense claims were justfied.

Now retired, Sir Richard has decided to join the Conservatve Party. The Socialists have fiercely criticised this move, as if he had done something criminally wrong.

I think the Socialists are walking on a tightrope. By their actions and reactions are they not denying Judge Trigger and Sir Richard their Human Rights, namely the right to say what they think ? With an upcoming election in sight some people are becoming very nervous.

Friday, 9 October 2009


On apprend que Jean Sarkozy, fils de Nicolas Sarkozy, sera désigné Président de l'Etablissement Public chargé d'aménager le quartier de la Défense, le 4 décembre prochain. Il succèdera ainsi à Patrick Devedjian, 65 ans, ministre de la relance, atteint par la limite d'âge.

Ce jeune homme de 24 ans, toujours étudiant en deuxième année de droit, n'a jusqu'alors obtenu aucun diplôme. Son seul mérite être le fils du Président de la République!

Alors soyons sérieux: cela suffit il vraiment pour prendre la direction de l'aménagement du premier pôle tertiaire en Europe?

Thursday, 8 October 2009


The Irish have voted and are in favour of the Treaty of Lisbon, but there are still two other countries who have to notify their agreement: Poland and Czech Republic. When in due course they notify their acceptance of the treaty, which is expected shortly, it means any future changes to the Constitution of the European Union could be made by the politicians without any referendum to the electors in Europe.

Because of article 48 of the Treaty of Lisbon, the politicians in the European Council can change the constitution without consulting the 500 million electors in Europe. Democracy will have gone out of the window forever ! This contrasts starkly with the history of almost all countries in the world during the last two hundred years or more, when citizens fought to get the right to vote and be represented.

The next question is who will elect the first President of the European Union ? That is not a problem ! No referendum is necessary ! The 27 leaders of the countries in the E U will elect the President.

Who are the candidates to become President ? There are not too many but the leading candidate seems to be Tony Blair who was the Prime Minister of Britain for ten years between 1997 and 2007.

Blair left Britain in dire straits and it will take years to recover. The seriousness of the situation was clearly explained by David Cameron today at the end of the Conservative Party's annual conference.

Blair has a perpetual smile on his face and his photo is in the press every day. What are not published are the photos of the wincing faces of Blair's suffering and deceived electors.

I do not want to see another 450 million people in Europe suffer like the British are suffering now. Britain is bankrupt because since 1997 its money has been squandered and it has nothing to show for it.

Please do not make Tony Blair the President of the European Union.