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Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Politicians always want to destroy each other with the hope that voters will side with them. Socialists are defending their past whereas conservatives attack their failings. What voters really want to know is what they can expect, what changes they are expected to vote for.

Voters are sick and tired of :-

- the blatant greed of MP's
- unlimited immigration
- uncontrolled crime without punishment
- soldiers without armes
- uncounted invalide soldiers
- twisted statistics
- uncounted social benefit scroungers
- increased taxes
- promises and even more promises

All the foregoing points are well known, and many others also. Voters want solid propositions of what changes are going to be made in the future to change the past.

For example what will either party do on assuming power:-

- to reduce immigration
- to reduce the number of permanent scroungers on "social security"
- to control free trade and asian "dumping"
- to control or restrict EU beaurocracy
- to limit the introduction of EU ideals

What Britain needs in this hour of need and crisis is a pragmatic man like Winston Churchill. It is not the EU that will come to its rescue !!!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


If Mohamed Al Fayed reads the recent articles in this blog he will realize that he is not alone and that there are many other people who have been deeply disappointed by the inactivity, the inertia, of not only Mr Blatter and FIFA but also by the uselessness of Mr Platini and EUFA.

No one acts or wants to act in order to introduce modern technology into football in order to help referees. Have these gentlmen never watched an international rugby match, or a Grand Slam Tennis tournament, a cricket match or even an ice hockey match? Are they really so blinkered ?

This Blog recently suggested that the FA in England could introduce this modern technology without waiting for the help of either EUFA or FIFA. This could even be done before the World Cup !!!

Mohamed Al Fayed could write his name into the history books of football if he could force this issue with his club at Fulham. Show them how to do it, Mr Al Fayed !!!

If FIFA or EUFA attack you or Fulham, be sure Blatter and Platini will get the chop !!! No right thinking person could or would want to fault you.

Monday, 22 March 2010


M P 's are now selling their services by offering to lobby the interests of their paymasters. Up until now the main problem was the expenses scandal. Before that they voted themselves increased salaries and gold plated pensions way beyond what a poor old taxpayer could ever dream of getting.

Seen in this light it is quite clear why Tony Blair got out of politics when he did. He has become a multi-millionaire since he got on to the list of available After Dinner Speakers. Alas, he is not rich enough yet to be able to pay for the cost of protecting his properties in the United Kingdom !!!

In fact what taxpayers and voters are continually asking themselves is "Do all these politicians ever make any tax declaratioins?". For example, is Tony Blair, his working wife and his family resident in the UK ? Are politicians expected to pay tax on non-Parliamentary income ?

Does anyone anywhere check that M P's who should make tax declarations, have in fact made them ? Every week there seems to be a new scandal. Shortly, the Government will go wooing for votes and will promise sweet nothings in electors ears !!! They will be waiting to give candidates and earfull in return. Roll on the elections !!!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Now that the leaders of the three major political parties have have finally agreed to participate in pre-election debates on television, one should recognize and respect their courage. Such debates already take place in many countries and they permit and help electors to decide how they will finally vote. These debates are therefore of the utmost importance.

While the iron is hot, should there not be agreement now that in future when an election is called, automatically a leaders' debate on television like the one now planned, will always be programmed to take place ?

Should not the first question to be put to the three leaders in the first debate seek their agreement to enshrine this intention in an Act of Parliament ? The first Act would probably not be perfect, but it could be modified subsequently to correct problems which arise in future debates.

A system must be put in place. It is a voter's right to be informed correctly. If there is a snap election there will never be enough time to again hammer out an agreement about what should or should not be covered in debates. Such debates should be considered as being obligatory for political leaders (not their henchmen !) and a right for electors.

Monday, 8 March 2010


FIFA has again refused to adopt modern technologies to help referees. Even the managers of top clubs are confounded by this inertia.

Alex McLeish, the manager of Birmingham City was unconvinced about a crucial decision by the referee in the cup match against Portsmouth. He did not attack the decision of the referee, he simply said fooball needs more technology !!! And he is absolutely right !!! The only real, remaining, question is when will the Super Powers of FIFA and Sepp Blatter accept and admit that something has to be done !!! And when will they make a public and binding promise to act ?

Indirectly FIFA ensures the appointment of referees to "control matches". To be very crude referees are armed with only a whistle and dressed like undertakers !!!

In fact referees exit their tunnel like gladiators in ancient Rome. They enter the arena to face the possible wrath of 60 000 spectators if not more. If a referee makes a bad decision, woe betide !!! FIFA, UEFA (including Michel Platini), The FA in London will all be on his back and they will act !!! But none of these Organisations are prepared to commit themselves by introducing video technology to help a referee in moments of need !!!

Is it because all these Super Organisations are so very cost conscious ? Not at all !!! Armchair spectators anyway see all they need daily !!! Compared with other sports, football really is at the bottom of the pile !!!

If FIFA and UEFA will not act, why cannot the English FA take the initiative and lead the way ? Alex McLeish with his contacts with other managers in football could create a groundswell to encourage, or even oblige, the FA to act !!!

After all, where was the game of football first created ? Certainly not in Switzerland, the home of FIFA !!!

Thursday, 4 March 2010


The E U has three fundamental principles which are FreeTrade, Free Migration and Human Rights !!! Alas the basic rights of natives born in the E U are not protected !!! Their only remaining basic right is to pay taxes to cover the costs of E U policies and E U politicians !!!

E U politicians legislate and expect and oblige member states to implement the effect of E U laws. E U politicians do not count the cost of their policies because the costs are borne by E U member states. And the number of politicians that any member state is permitted to elect ensures that no sole member state can ever, theoretically, have a majority. No individual E U politician can be held responsible for a law that has been passed !!!

The local politicians of E U member states are therefore condemned to apply E U laws, and woe betide those member states which do not do so !!! The E U appeal court is not only in place but active to ensure that E U laws are implemented !!!

Member States cannot alone stem the flow of illegal immigrants into the E U or limit the application of Human Rights legislation. Free Trade means that cheap-labour Asian goods can be dumped in Europe where unemployment is rife and a major problem.

When Gordon Brown and David Cameron face each other in the pre-election T V debates each must clearly inform the electorate of their intentions with respect to the E U, together with their cost estimates of the solution they favour.

The big election question is: Should Britain remain in the E U or get out ?