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Monday, 26 April 2010


In the second leaders debate Gordon Brown destroyed Nick Clegg who suggested that an amnesty should be considered to resolve the problems of immigrants !!! David Cameron presented figures which suggested that immigration during the last 13 years had more than doubled !!!

Does this mean that Gordon Brown prefers uncontrolled immigration rather than an amnesty ?

"To get really fair", as Gordon Brown would like to hear things, would be to state the facts as they really are !!! Socialists legislate to cover everything, (in private industry we call this CMA) but in fact they never control anything !!! The problem of immigration into Britain is a simple but very typical example of Socialist non-control.

There are in fact two very basic problems, Euro-migration and then immigration, whether legal or illegal !!! None of the three Leaders really commented on the solutions necessary to cover all the aspects of this complicated problem !!!

Should an Identity Card not be delivered by the EU country of entry to any non EU immigrant ? Should the originating EU country not then be held responsible and be made to compensate for unearned or unmerited benefits claimed by EU migrants if they then enter the UK or any other EU country ?

Should illegal immigrants into the EU not be returned to the countries where they entered ? Should not all border countries be rendered responsible for the illegal immigrants they "invite" or permit to enter into the EU at their ports of entry ?

Of course the foregoing suggestions would create an upheaval in the current, comfortable conduct of affairs in the EU !!! The ultimate question for the Three Leaders in the political debate is: Should the poor British taxpayers eternally have to bear the cost resulting from the inertia of the EU politicians ?

What alternative solutions do the three leaders, Brown, Cameron and Clegg propose ? The electorate and Taxpayers in particular, want and need a convincing answer !!!

Monday, 19 April 2010


Brown blandly talks about the solid past, which it took 13 painful years for the Socialists to create, saying simply that it will serve as a base for the future he foresees after the coming election !!!

No comments on any of the pains !!! Have all the politicians really forgotten ?

- the Billions Blair gave back to the EU and which Magaret Thatcher fought so hard to get? It's easy to buy personal popularity with taxpayers' money !
- the Billions Brown lost by selling off British Gold Reserves too early ? And he wants to be recognized as the great saviour of the Western Economy !
- the Billions of exceptional tax levied on Private Pension Funds, which as a result were destroyed. They were the envy of the world !!! Where has the money gone ? Into indexed, non-contributary pension schemes for politicians !!! What is not covered now will be covered by future taxes, but Private Pension Schemes are now in deficit !
- the Billions paid by Britain to Illegal Immigrants ?
- the lack of realistic controls concerning benefits paid to social security claimants ?

Gordon Brown does not talk about the past. He avoids all searching questions. He does not talk about the big black hole in the British Economy which is the cost of future national pensions !!! He just wants to continue spending !!!

Like a young lover he sets out to woo the electorate. He never talks about his past, he only makes glib promises to get now what he wants most !!!

One can only hope that the politicians in the opposition, like David Cameron and Nick Clegg, will attempt to expose the consequences of another hasty quick fix by Gordon Brown !!! No one can afford to listen to his soothing words. Britain is already bankrupt, and the electorate must understand the consequences of this situation !!!

Monday, 12 April 2010


There are many small problems to put to bed before real discussions between Labour or Conservative politicians can take place.

One of these "small" problems, which rancles all voters, is to know what measures the Left or the Right will take to cover the abuse of Bonuses for Bankers !!! Not only bankers but all the other extraordinary remunerations which directors of companies now expect !!!

The ordinary taxpayer feels destroyed by the figures he sees in the press. As a worker, the taxpayer or shareholder, who works similar hours compared with a Director, feels the difference in remuneration is not justified.

Is the simple solution not to oblige companies to file all contracts and their details, before "extraordinary remuneration" is proposed to a new or current employee ? Should shareholders not have a right to vote on such contracts ? Obviously the details of such a law must be thouroughly studied. The electorate wants to know what the main parties intend to do. Will this be an election promise ? Will they act ?

Remuneration committees exist, but do they do the job expected of them ? Are they impartial ? Are they paid ? Who appoints them ?

These questions and others need to be covered by legislation !!!

Thursday, 8 April 2010


If every politician who wants to be the next Prime Minister needs to have more experience than Gordon Brown, then he, Gordon Brown will be in power for the next 25 years, unless of course Tony Blair makes a comeback !!! Would Great Britain be better off with Blair in the driver's seat ?

The idea that a young politician cannot be trusted to conduct the affairs of the State is ridiculous !!! In no way does it absolve the failures of the Blair/Brown regime. Blair was inexperienced, and Brown his pupil, was no better when they became the Prime Minister !!!

Winston Churchill in his youth persevered and had flair. In his time he had to fight to carve out his place in politics. Stoic politicians did not want to accept him !!! Britain, however, in 1918 was more than thankful !!!

Britain now has to elect the next Prime Minister. David Cameron is equally well qualified and experienced as the duo of Blair and Brown in 1997. Britain is at present Bankrupt. There is no money left to pay for the current policies of the Labour Party.

Electors must vote for a change or expect changes that Socialists will not announce during the next month !!!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Shirley Chaplin, a 54 year old hospital nurse for more than 30 years, was banned from wearing her crucifix after her appeal against the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Trust was dismissed.

Must this humble blog have to draw attention to the fact that the Church of England has the duty to protect the faith of the realm ? The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, appears to be reticent and not wanting to be implicated in this controversy !!! He should perhaps come off the proverbial fence and guide his flock !!!

Likewise, the Minister of Justice, Jack Straw, seems to have opted to keep his nose clean and not to intervene. Gordon Brown obviously has concurred !!!

Why has Jack Straw not intervened ? Does he really want, by his inertia, in the name of Human Rights perhaps, to let other faiths like Islam usurp the Establishment ?

Does Gordon Brown really support the passive decisions of his Minister of Justice? Who controls what ?

Will David Cameron state that he will change the laxities of the past and Defend the Faith ? Will any politician clearly state what his point of view is with respect to Shirley Chaplin ?

The electorate will be watching !!!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Gordon Brown's biggest problem now is not what he can promise the electorate he will do, but to explain at the same time why he and the Socialists have not done it during the last 13 years !!!

Friday, 2 April 2010


Joan Higgins, aged 66, a petshop owner for more than 20 years, was fined 1000 Pounds sterling and tagged for selling a goldfish to a boy under the age of 16 !!! In addition she was given a 7pm - 7am curfew.

The simple facts of this case highlight "dozens" of direct and indirect (hidden) ineptitudes in the chain of those who govern and those who are governed.

Gordon Brown, the unelected Prime Minister, delegated responsibilities to Jack Straw who became the Justice Secretary, but neither has lifted even his little finger to prevent the sentence meted out to Joan Higgins !!!

Keir Starner, the Director of Public Prosecutions, has not reacted either !!!

Iain Veitch, the head of public prosecutions at Trafford Council, maintains that this prosecution sends out a clear message that unnecessary suffering to animals will not be tollerated !!!

The message, from the top to the bottom is clear. "I delegated and no wrong has been done. What is the problem?"

Does Joan Higgins have no Human Rights? Is she a bigger criminal than any murderer or terrorist, whose Human Rights are always scrupulously protected and upheld?

Does selling a pet goldfish to a 14 year old boy merit being tagged? If so, why are M P's who have embezzled taxpayer's money with false expenses claims not tagged? In fact, if they were tagged, taxpayers would perhaps find out where they really spent their nights. Their wives would too !!!

If Gordon Brown wants to win the next election, perhaps he ought to explain clearly why he or one of his team has not intervened to uphold the Human Rights of Joan Higgins !!! She would perhaps, in the circumstances, be best advised to make an appeal to the European Court of Justice to obtain compensation !!!